Friday, September 2, 2011

Trouser tribulations.

This isn’t going to be anything lurid or anything,  but maybe a little bit of grumbling about well,  getting on in years,  shall we say?

Here’s the thing.  When we moved to Europe,  we didn’t move “lock,  stock and barrel”,  which meant having to try and figure out what was going to go,  and what was going to stay.  As a matter of fact,  for those Ex-Pats who do move “lock, stock and barrel”,   they usually end up putting a whole whack of stuff in storage,  selling a bunch and moving the rest. 

I remember hearing a little story about one family that moved to Puerto Rico (they have three boys)  will ALL their stuff,  and how a quite a lot of it simply sat in closets the whole time they were there,  which meant there were some “bug issues”  when they went to move again?  Gah!  I’ll spare you the details.

We didn’t have that issue when we moved to Puerto Rico since we kept everything to the bare minimum.  Always best to learn from the mistakes of others.

For that reason,  we have some “stuff”  here at our house in Canada.   This is mostly a good thing.  I say “mostly” since,  there are a few extra things that we’ll mostly likely part with at some point,  but that’s another story.  Now,  I do have a certain amount of “good” clothes over in Wienerland,  so that I can go out to a concert or dinner or what have you,  all the while avoiding that “homeless guy”  look.  This is also mostly a good thing,  since Travelling Companion is an Executive after all,  and it’s best if her hubby doesn’t look like a complete slob.  The “slob” look is usually my “go to” look,  so getting dressed up isn’t really something that I get too excited about.

Having said that however,  I should point out that,  the “good” clothes that I do have,  are top notch.  I’ve tried wearing a suit that I mistakenly bought at “Moore's,  the Cheap Suit People”,   but that thing just did not work for me.   I won’t go into how it was such an ill fitting thing,  but I didn’t do that again.  I’m kind of lanky,  at that “difficult age”,  and so it can be a challenge to have decent clothes that fit properly.

So,  I knew I had a good suit in the closet here at home.  I wasn’t too sure about the shirt and tie situation,  but was pleasantly surprised to see that I had left myself a couple good choices in that department.   Once again,  I had turfed out all the old cheap ties I used to have to wear once upon a time in the restaurant business,  and the ones I have now are well….nice.   (I don’t want to mention prices here,  since I don’t want to be responsible for anyone having a coronary)

Damned near had one myself when I bought the last couple ties.   But we won’t go there.



That’s the closet,  by the way.  A little something I whipped up before we moved away.


I just figured I had to put in at least one picture,  since otherwise I got nothin’.


There wasn’t a hope in Hell that I was going to be able to actually do up the trousers from the suit,  which was something that I kind of suspected,  but not to the degree of difficulty that I began to experience once I tried to get the waist band to circumnavigate my slightly enlarged girth.  *sigh*

Fine.   Since I had to go off to the “Haberdasher” anyway,  I figured I’d take the suit with me,  along with the shoes I want to wear,  and just get the opinion of someone more experienced with pant legs,  measuring tapes and the like.   I had heard on good authority that my shoes were no longer “in style”,  so I wanted an opinion on that as well. 

Here are two things I learned:   “Good”  shoes,  rarely go out of style (unless they’re just whacky looking to start with)  and a “good” suit also rarely goes out of style.   The first thing the Dude at the shop said when I unzipped the suit bag was,  “Oh,  that’s a nice suit”,   to which I said,  “Well yes,  I bought it here”.  

Here’s the other thing I learned.  A “good” suit will have enough extra fabric in the ass of the trousers to allow them to be let out.  In my case,  damned near two inches.   I know,  that’s kind of “a lot”,  but like I said,  I’m at that “difficult age”.

So,  instead of dropping a “G” note on a new suit and shoes,  I’m going to be spending maybe twenty bucks having me trousies let ooot.   Oh,  have I ever mentioned I’m a third generation cheap Scotsman?   Not that that would matter,  but I certainly didn’t want to pony up the dough for a new suit.  I’m just saying.   They can bury me in that one.


The added bonus is,  Travelling Companion and Daughter Number Two are off to some sort of “Maintenance Depot”  getting some hair and nail issues sorted out,  and they’ll swing on over to the Shop and pick up my trousers on the way home.  The other reason this is kind of a good thing is,  I was eyeing some really nice sport shirts that they had on sale.   I probably don’t need any more shirts right now.  So that’s more money not spent. 


Tomorrow it’s off to Ottawa for the wedding.  I’ve heard that Daughter Number Two has my little Garmin GPS here somewhere,  which might be helpful for actually finding the hotel.  The reception is at the Canadian Museum of Nature,  so that should be a no brainer.


Hope everyone has a fine weekend.





  1. A pleasant tale of the ravages of aging. :)

    When I began fulltiming 5+ years ago, I got rid of all my dresses and nylons. I will never wear a dress again! So far, it's worked for me. That and shorts and pants with elastic waistbands. :)

  2. good show on the not having to dish out for a new suit...and yes a good suit will have allowance in it for expansion :)....enjoy the wedding....
    love the closet!!!!


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