Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Plodding along.


I probably have way too many pictures of sunsets,  but I figure if I only use them as some sort of filler once in a while,  it won’t be make you nod off too soon.  If I didn’t find it quite so annoying,  I’d add the “date stamp” feature on each one,  but you’ll have to take my word for it that I took that one last night.

I have to say,  we’ve been having some really great weather these last few days.  Just had to mention it,  since I have been known to gripe a little bit when the weather is less than ideal.  It does get cool fairly quickly at nightfall,  but I think that’s one of the reasons why I like the fall.  If you’re a little warm during the day,  you can look forward to cooling off in the evening.   Of course,  the days are getting shorter,  but I’ve been warned not to complain about that minor triviality.  Just makes using the BBQ in the evenings a bit of a challenge is all.


Got word back via email that the sisters-in-law had arrived in Toronto safe and sound.  If there’s no news,  I usually figure it’s good news,  but it’s always nice to hear a little peep on that front. 


Not too danged much going on today in Wienerland.   Travelling Companion just called to say she had just left Prague and is on her way to her other office in Schrems.  At the moment it’s just after noon time,  so she won’t be getting there until almost three this afternoon, and won’t be leaving again for home until some time in the early evening.  I may offer to drive her to work tomorrow.  It’s sort of a consolation prize.

I had originally offered to drive her to Prague,  and then just come home again the next day,  since I have very little desire to hang around Prague on my own all day,  but the fellow that she could have ridden back with has had to go elsewhere,  so that plan wasn’t going to work.  I’ve done enough of the hanging around town routine while she’s at work to know that I just don’t have any huge desire to do that.  (Vejle, Denmark.  Brussels,  Belgium.  Bonn, Germany.  Shall I continue?)


I guess I could have been watching some quality Czech Television in my hotel room,  but that’s hardly any enticement. 

Um,  that last little bit should have been in some sort of “sarcasm font”,  but I’m not quite sure just how that should look.  There’s really very little quality television anywhere on the planet these days,  and certainly not in the Czech Republic.  Just thought I’d point that out.


Meanwhile I’ve sorted out one of the spare bedrooms in anticipation of another guest arriving on Monday from Toronto.   


Not that you really care all that much,  but it never hurts to throw in a gratuitous photo.  I should point out that,  here in Europe,  they do have these rather large pillows,  and at this point we have…. several.  

And yes,  I did just roll my eyes.

The one sister-in-law who slept on that bed during her visit (well,  when she wasn’t in Slovenia)  said,  “I LOVE that pillow!”   I think we may have to bring her one or more of these pillows when we move home?   We brought two of them home in August for Daughter Number One,  that she and her significant other are using in their new house.   Talk about having a shit of a time stuffing two pillows into your luggage!  I had to actually roll them and tape them up with packing tape to get them them to go in.

Getting a hold of pillow cases may be a bit of a challenge,  but the plan is that Travelling Companion may be able to sew up a pillow case now and again if need be.  

Just a guess.


Well,  I’m sort of running on empty here kids.  Have to figure out what to have on hand for Travelling Companion’s late arrival.  Can’t be anything too heavy.


Keep it between the ditches.





  1. glad to hear you are plodding along!..nice pillow!!!

  2. I had to crack up reading about your stuffing the pillows in the luggage. That's definitely a loving father. I've also had to try and find a map of your part of the world. Your TC is always on the move and I was wondering how far it was to all these different places.

  3. If you hover over the link for "Schrems" for example, you'll see in the bottom of your browser the a "google maps" address comes up. That's because it's a link to a map I've included. Easy peasy. Click away.

  4. Bob, re. the "Pillows", have you tried an IKEA-store?? They should have them, and I'm sure there is an IKEA in Toronto. Then you wouldn't have to stuff more pillows into you baggage. :-))

  5. Never ever thought about Ikea. We have one in Burlington (Ontario) which is our home town. I think I've been in there ONCE. Seems I've only ever shopped at Ikea here in Europe, and only out of absolute necessity. We'll have to check it out....some day.


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