Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On with the show.

I say that in the hope that I can carry on with my little saga from the weekend,  and that I think I might have figured out one of the things that might be going on with Live Writer.    Please note the words like, “I think”  and “might”.
I’m really clutching at straws here,  but it could very well have to do with the internet browser that I’m using,  which is Firefox.  Firefox has been working fine for me for many a year,  but I do tend to have too many windows open at once,  and when I was looking at downloading Google Chrome,  I discovered that that was one of the pitfalls of that program as well.  I didn’t know that.  So I figure it just might be a problem with Firefox.  
Yesterday I closed the browser and my post was uploaded without a hitch.  That still doesn’t mean I’m on to something.  Might have just got lucky.
The thing is,  I’m not overly keen on “change”.   If I find something that works,  I tend to stick with it.   This is probably why I was able to do that Caretaking job all those years.  It’s just one of those little personality traits that aren’t immediately self evident.  Mind you,  I did miss the changing of the seasons when we were in Puerto Rico,  but I think that’s slightly different.   Jobs in general tend to be repetitive in nature,  even when we think they’re not.  
But let’s not get side tracked.
The circus came to town a few days back,  and after we had gone to the train station on Saturday morning to pick up the ticket for sister-in-law’s train trip to Ljubljana,   we headed in the direction of City Hall to take a closer look.  
It’s a bit of an odd thing really,  but the space in front of the “Rathaus” (City Hall)  gets used for any number of events.  I know they’ve had film festivals,  and in the winter time they install a huge skating rink arrangement that is refrigerated such that it’s useable up to 15°C.
Along with all that,  I’m sure there is a certain amount of revenue generated for the city coffers,  so there is a practical aspect to these wondrous things as well.
I had absolutely no desire to actually take in any circus acts,  since the thought of sitting in some stuffy tent with a bunch of screaming kids didn’t really intrigue me all that much,  but it was fun to check out the vehicles and such.
There’s a bit of an RV theme here too,  since these folks live and work in their “caravans”,  and you can see that they are pretty darned nice.

Note the “slide out”?   That building there with all the flowers hanging off it is City Hall.   Not too shabby.

Depends on your definition of “circus” I suppose.  Far be it from me to say disparaging things about Austrian politics or their politicians.

Admittedly,  which ever version of “circus” you see in these pictures,  there is a certain amount of pride taken in the upkeep. 
So now I’m already getting nervous about uploading this,  and I think I’ll save one version and try my luck.

We’ll continue with the circus theme tomorrow,  but with completely different pictures.  Don’t want to get too long winded!

Keep it between the ditches.

*On edit,  I don’t think it has anything to do with Firefox.  I have to take out photos and then reload them in Blogger.  Still getting that "403 error".  Pain in the A**!



  1. Sure wish I could help you with your Live Writer issues. I use Firefox and I'm not having any problems. Did you google that error code? I know how frustrating it is when things just don't work like their supposed to. I don't like change either. If it works, leave it alone.

    Beautiful city hall building - great place for a circus (take your pick).

  2. Hey, Bob, your Live Writer problem seems similar to what many folks report when their Picasa Web Albums 'free' storage limit of 1GB is exceeded. You can open Picasa Web Albums and have a look at the bottom of the page.

    If it is 'full', you have 2 options - pay $5 a year to increase the storage limit to 20GB; or, just join Google+ for free and you will get unlimited 'free' storage on Picasa Web Albums. You can join Google+ by looking on my sidebar.

    I'm not positive this is your problem, but it's worth a look.


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