Thursday, September 29, 2011

Long Days.

There was a question the other day from The Dixons,   and to be honest,  I’m never quite sure whether it’s Jim or Sandie,  but I’m guessing it’s usually Sandie,  as to whether I ever slow down?

The answer is a resounding “yes!”.   There’s never any difficulties in that department.   I’d like to refer you back to the sailing analogy.   The only thing is,  there are some days that do seem to drag on. 

Of course,  the question might have been more directed to Travelling Companion,  and some days I do wish she’d try and slow down.   But,  we remind ourselves that the only reason we’re here,  is due to “the job”.   *sigh*


This is just an observation,  but I do seem to do a certain amount of “waiting” in these situations,  and yesterday was a pretty good example,  and today will be more of the same.  Thankfully we have cell phones,  navigation systems and Google maps.   I’m pretty sure I’d go out of my gourd without the internet.  Even though I could probably do just fine without it back home (lots to do) having internet during these “away times” seems to have become an absolute necessity.   Especially when you get a phone call that starts with, “I think I’m on the wrong road!”  

She was fine,  really.

The GPS was taking her on the shortest route,  since taking the built up highway would have meant going first into Slovakia.   Remember how it used to be “Czechoslovakia”?   Well,   at the time they built a highway (← note: link to Google map) between Bratislava and Prague.  That’s all wonderful and everything,  except that these days,  they’re two different countries.


Travelling Companion didn’t get home last night until around 9:30 p.m. (OK… 21:30 if you prefer) and I had made up some egg salad,  since I knew she’d be hungry,  but we know from previous experience,  that eating late is not a good choice for either of us.  So nothing too heavy.  I really don’t know how the Spaniards do it,  and that’s something which I thought I had referred to elsewhere,  but come to find out I guess I only thought about referring to it.  (Is this the first signs of dementia?  What the hell??)  I went back and read through that whole entry about Bilbao,  Spain and I couldn’t find one reference to eating late.   Bonehead.


Anyway, the Spaniards eat late,  just trust me on that.   I don’t mean like,  21:30 or something,  I’m talking close to midnight!   We’d both be in such trouble.  I’m not going to elaborate.


Today,  after work,  they “have to go to dinner”.  This is looked upon mostly as a chore for Travelling Companion.  She’s not into the whole “networking” thing,  or whatever other purpose that could possibly be arrived at by going to dinner with a bunch of co-workers.  I can’t really reveal too many details about the reasons for these meetings (the trip to Prague and such),  except to say that it’s that time of the year for “Profit Plan”.   I’ve lost count,  but I think this is Travelling Companion’s 12th or 13th Profit Plan,  so at least she’s not a Newbie by any stretch of the imagination.

So,  since she has to go somewhere to a “Heuriger”  later this evening,  I offered to chauffeur this morning,  and then run out to her office and fetch her later and deliver her to wherever the heck they’re having their dinner.    That link will take you to a Wikipedia article that’s pretty accurate. 

We were listening to the 7:00 a.m. news out on the Gürtel this morning,  and I’m not sure when we set out,  but it was early. 

So now I need to get back out and refuel the car and get it washed,  which was something I didn’t want to do earlier,  since getting back in to the city before the traffic gets crazy is usually a consideration.


What follows is a random photo I took last week when I was out trying to unload my propane tank.  I’m always somewhat in awe of the buildings here. 


And yes,  there does seem to be a lot of hanging traffic lights.



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  1. Hey Bob - yes it's Sandie here. I really need to change it to just my name but figuring out how to do that is not high on my list yet. And thank you so much for the links. I read both Wikipedia articles and checked out your map and read about your journey on flyniki. That's another thing I don't know how to do, put one of those link thingies in. I am learning so much and I just love it.

  2. Hey Bob, always love your stories and am entirely sympathetic to the "not eating too late at night" issue.


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