Friday, April 1, 2011

The Kids are alright.

It's pretty much an average Friday here in Wienerland.  The weather was kind of dull earlier on,  which usually just makes me want to go home.

 Nothing wrong really,  just that some days I'd just as soon not be here.

But speaking of home,  I just now got some news from Daughter Unit Number One....

She's a home owner! 

How awesome is that??

That gentleman on the other side of the "Sold" sign is Iain.   They've been sort of hanging around together for a few years now. 

Dana and Iain the home owners!

So here's a brief snippet.
She works in Toronto.  Does that train thing every day.   He works in St. Catherines and commutes by car.   At one point in time,  they were each living in their respective cities,  seeing each other on weekends, and our basement apartment was sitting pretty much empty.  Well,  at night I'd shove the cat down stairs so he wouldn't be tempted to wake me up at some stupid assed hour in the middle of the night,  but other than that not much else was happening down there.  
So Travelling Companion and I suggested to our new home owners pictured above that they might like to move in to the apartment,  and possibly save a couple bucks along the way.
Apparently they did.

Then of course,  the company that cannot be named asked if we'd move to Europe,  at which point we asked Daughter Unit Number Two and her hubby if they'd move in upstairs.
I should also mention, somewhere in there daughter number two had taken the cat. 
We almost got rid of all the car hair,  but then the cat came back.

The plan was for them to save their money right up until we showed up on our doorstep,  but when they started to go to a series of open houses over the last few months,   we figured the 500 square foot apartment was starting to close in on them,  and there was a good chance they'd bolt if they found the right deal.

Again. Apparently they did.

 Of course,  moving from 500 square feet to what looks to me like well over 1200 means their furnishings will be a little sparse for some time,  but I think the big excitement had more to do with the fact that both of them will actually have room to hang up their clothes. 
It's not like they have a lot of clothes either,  but only having one closet between them was getting kind of tough.

Good thing Iain bought his very own snow shovel last year.  He's gonna need it.

I think I just giggled.

Ah yes,  welcome to being a home owner!   Let the lessons begin.

Gotta say,  Travelling Companion and I are both pretty proud.

Have a fine weekend.



  1. You do realize the only thing holding the boy up from fainting is that sold sign right?

    As I'm sure it was quite a hardship for Scrooge McDuck to empty the sporin.

    And now I just giggled a bit!

  2. Ah yes, 'tis easy to make fun of Scrooge McDuck, but he is, after all, a home owner. Yes?
    Still though, he does look a little worse for wear in that picture. Probably a good thing it's not really "hi rez".
    Oh, and I didn't notice a "party room" in any of the photos. Guess they'll be using the garage. I'm sure the neighbours will just love it. Of course, best thing to do is simply invite all the neighbours. They can all use Bateman's poker table. Won't be missing that thing.


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