Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Snippets from Absurdistan.

It's a funny thing,  but ever since I mentioned the notion of "Absurdistan"  yesterday,  I've had a couple examples just jump right out in front of me.
First of all,  just about every day I pick up one of the local free newspapers from the corner box,  which is about 25 metres from our front door.   I should mention that this free newspaper is also "worth every penny",  since it's a cross between say,  The Toronto Sun,  The Daily Mirror or perhaps the Vancouver Sun.   I wouldn't go so far as to compare it to the National Enquirer,  since they do cover actual news,  but in with the news there is a certain amount of sensationalistic cr*p.   (That's a journalistic term,  isn't it?)  They also have a website.
Of course,  it's all in German,  but you're welcome to have a look if you so choose.
One of the big differences that I'd like to point out is,  at least they don't have the nerve to try and charge actual money for what they consider journalism.  And really,  I've been offered free copies of the Toronto Sun at the checkout at one of our local Canadian Tire stores in Burlington,  but since we don't have a bird or a birdcage that needs to be lined,  I would simply decline.
Years ago,  at least you could go to page five and read Paul Rimstead, but after he passed away in 1987,  I didn't find too many more reasons to open up the Sun.

 I've gotten a bit off track here,  and I apologise.   Here's example number one:

 It's a little hard to tell what's going on,  and there's some actual video footage on the website,  but it would seem that the weather here in Wienerland was pretty fabulous over the weekend,  and many,  many folks were out and about not only in the cafes,  but also out grilling and generally have fun times in the out of doors.   These nitwits had some sort of disagreement,  and decided to attack each other with their cooking utensils.  There was mention made of a grilling fork,  along with an axe.
An axe?
I've never seen the need to take an axe on a pick-nick,  but maybe I'm missing something.   Nobody got killed,  but there were three injured parties.    
 I should also point out that they are Romanian.  I have no further comment.  Most of these "incidents"  do seem to involve issues between Romanians,  Poles,  Bulgarians and so forth.  Not exclusively,  mind you,  but that's just my impression.
 I'd like to also mention that I took Travelling Companion to the airport this morning for her flight to....wait for it.....Romania!
Hopefully all the axe wielding nitwit Romanians have moved to Austria.
Mind you,  it would be best if they weren't hanging around our front door.
That would be a whole other story involving the dropped ring scam.   I did happen to have my own wedding band on,  and offered to demonstrate just what a lovely impression it would make in the forehead of the individual who was attempting to block my way into our building.
He declined the invitation.  We won't go any farther into that.

Now for the second,  and final example.  I promise.

This one involves the part where I mentioned that the absurdity isn't obvious unless you live here?   One of Travelling Companion's associates is getting married within the next few weeks,  and the report is that their marriage license was €500.    That's FIVE HUNDRED EUROS!    You can do your own conversion.  Doesn't matter.  That's a lot!
I think ours was something like thirty five bucks,  and it was arranged through the minister,  and was just lumped in with the fee that he charged,  the total of which came out to something like seventy-five dollars.    I think I understand now why a lot of these couples I meet have different last names.  They just choose not to get married.   Who can afford that?

I'm afraid I'll have to put my "toilet talk"  off until tomorrow.  I'm sure you're just "gutted",  as the Brits would say,  but between going to the airport this morning and some other minor issues, (mostly sloth)   I haven't managed to eat anything more than a slice of banana bread.
Plus I have German Teacher Dude coming at three.
The sun is well past the yard arm at this point.

Keep those sticks on the ice.


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