Friday, April 29, 2011


Well,  we don't really call her "Bibi" any more,  since that was her nickname when she was quite small.
My job this morning was to get to the airport in time to meet our daughter Dana's Air Austria flight from Toronto that was coming in at 8:35.   I think it was within about a minute or two of its arrival time which,  considering the length of the flight,  is pretty good I'll have to admit.
The thing was,  Travelling Companion had phoned from Romania last night,  as is the case any time she's away,  and figured since her flight wasn't coming in until later,  that she'd just get a ride to her office with one of her associates.   Turns out the two of them met up somewhere before the luggage carousel,   which also meant a slight change in plans,  since now I'd be driving her to work first.

See,  if there's no waiting for checked luggage,  that can make all the difference.

The only minor consideration was that I hadn't managed to have any breakfast before leaving for the airport,  but I'm pretty sure I can survive on what's around my midsection at this point.  I think though there might be some other issues involving blood sugar or something,  since I was feeling a little bit pooched by the time we got back home here.
I've since hoofed it down to Merkur (um,  after scarfing down some toast)  and picked up some salmon for tonight.  Not sure what will be going with the salmon,  but potato salad comes to mind.
Dana is now fast asleep,  so I'm hoping when Travelling Companion calls,  she will have read the email I've sent to her,  asking her to call my cell phone, since I forgot to take the phone out of the room where she's sleeping.   That sucker will wake her up for sure.

 When coming from Toronto to Wienerland,  the plan is,  get a couple hours sleep,  and then hopefully you can function for the rest of the day and then go to bed at a normal time.   When going the other way,  the objective is to try and stay up for as long as possible (without checking your watch to see that it's actually 2:00 a.m. in Vienna)  and then try to sleep as long as possible to be on Ontario time.

It still takes me days to adjust in either case.

It was a heck of a sight easier when we lived in Puerto Rico.  There was no time change,  with the exception of some slight issues with daylight savings time.  I don't recall exactly how that worked,  but there was a period of time in the year when there would be an hours difference,  since Puerto Rico doesn't do daylight saving time.  At 18° north of the Equator,  there's very little point.

Apparently Dana had planned to have a checked bag all along,   but was muttering something about having to then take a bigger bag,  since she brought along some requested "loot"  for me and Travelling Companion.
I just noticed this pile on the table when I got back from shopping.
 I've been using the same batch of socks I shipped over in August of 08,  and I'm now starting to wear them out.  So you can clearly see that first of all,  that's not too damned shabby,  and that that is precisely the reason I put them on my Christmas list.
I used to wear them with my steel toed work boots,  so I know they wear well.

Didn't get any for Christmas.  Don't know how that happened,  and then I forgot to go to Costco.  

Yay!  Socks!

Don't misunderstand me,  if I wanted to wear cheap miserable uncomfortable socks,  I could certainly go down the street and pick up all the socks my little heart could desire.   I just choose not to.   Not sure where they're made,  possibly Azerbaijan, but I'm not putting them on my feet.

We haven't told her yet where we're taking her for the weekend.   I'm somewhat hesitant to put anything here.  This could be the one and only time she decides to catch up on her reading.

I'd get into a lot of trouble.

I will however give you this hint.  It's a silly little saying that a friend of mine taught me in about 1978 or something.  I have no idea why I remember these kinds of things.   And....I certainly won't repeat it in the city where we're going. 
Because again,  I'd get into a lot of trouble.

It goes like this..."Elefant, nyald a seggit majd nem bant"

Can you guess where we're going?

Have a fine weekend.


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