Friday, April 8, 2011

Rough couple days.

Remember the other day when I said I felt like a Spaniard?   Well,  even they would have been getting a bit impatient and hungry,  although if I know ahead of time that the evening is going to be one of sitting and waiting,  it's not such a big deal.   Turns out Travelling Companion was so late we basically went to bed.   She had to be back in the salt mine early again this morning,  and asked if I'd be willing to chauffeur,  and I don't mind.
She's not overly keen on city driving as it is,  but it sucks even worse when somewhat preoccupied and bone tired to boot.
Turns out,  I was back in the city (from "Strebersdork") before eight,  so you can get a pretty good idea of just how early we headed out.  The good news is the traffic was OK at that time of the morning.

Always nice to have some good news, isn't it?

 For my part,  I had this grand idea yesterday that I'd jump on the bike and head down to the first district and visit Julius Meinl, since I have it on good authority that they carry French's  mustard.
The weather was just absolutely fabulous,  and even though I entertained the idea of taking the subway,  sitting in a tube when it was so nice out didn't seem all that appealing.
I was able to get French's mustard briefly at Merkur,  but the second time I went back to get some,  it was explained to me (in a crazy assed Viennese accent)  that that was a one time shot,  and a decision had been made to no longer carry it.  Not enough ex-pats hanging around I guess.
I'm not sure which was more surprising,  that they had pulled the product,  or that I actually understood the guy.
 So that was the plan,  but unfortunately as is the case from time to time,  I undergo these spells of "uncertainty",  shall we say ?  in the area of where I might find the next facility.   I'm really being obtuse here,  and I apologise,  but I'd rather not get into the mysterious workings of my innards. 
Suffice to say....I stayed home.
I'm better today.  Thanks for asking.   
I really haven't been able to pin point a cause and effect relationship between what I eat or drink when it comes to these issues,  but later in the day I just started to drink copious amounts of water,  and that did seem to help.   I've also learned to stay away from,  or at least curtail the ingestion of raw bananas.


No really,  that much I have figured out.   Those things will just put me into contortions.
I think it has something to do with the potassium,  but man them suckers give me such pain.  Gah!
It's that whole "spastic"  you know what thing.

Now,  I just realised that really and truly,  we need to keep all these trivialities in perspective.   We are living in Vienna after all.  We have a nice little car to drive.   I don't need to go out and actually hunt down something,  kill it,  skin it etc.
It's only that,  when some aspects of life can get in the way of the whole experience,  like being at work from seven in the morning until after 10:00 at night,  or not daring to be out of sight of the nearest crapper,  then the novelty does tend to wear off.

Let me just present to you however,  a "what if".

I'm going to include a link to a brief Youtube clip. 
We know these people.   Travelling Companion used to baby sit the woman being taken away on the stretcher.  She and her husband are now in their forties.
They were driving home from a cottage on New Year's day and were hit head on.   Her husband,  who was driving,  may never walk again.  The young lady will eventually get out of her wheel chair,  but will need a whole bunch more surgeries to sort out the mess that used to be her lower skeleton.
There was an off duty fire fighter who happened to discover them and called in the emergency personnel.  We're fairly sure his is the black truck with the flashing lights.
It's only a short clip,  and not over graphic.  Thankfully.
But somewhat sobering in a quiet intense sort of way.

So there you go.  Nothing to see here.   Move along.

 German Teacher Dude will be here for three,  so I'm hopeful that I'll be following him out the door at five to go and fetch Travelling Companion.

 I'm not overly confident.

Have a fine weekend.


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