Thursday, April 21, 2011

How many times?

As I was tooling back home this morning after having dropped off our latest guests at the airport,  I had a fleeting moment there, when I actually wondered just how many times I've been there.
Picking up.
Dropping off.
Hey,  one time I just had to get some guests there so they could pick up their rental car.   That was awkward.  There's not really a place to stop briefly down on the arrivals level.  That only happens on the departures level.   Of course,  there are no car rental offices up there.
 I suppose if I really wanted to know,  or even gave a rat's tiny behind,  I could sift through the calendars for the last couple years and figure it out,  but I guess I really don't care.
 It's close enough to the city that it's not that much of a hardship.   With the situation when we lived in Puerto Rico,  we were out in Cabo Rojo,  and it was a two and a half hour jaunt to the airport.  I made that trip 18 times.
This I remember.
I also made sure that anyone flying down for a visit,  should try to get there on the same day that I might perhaps be taking someone else for their return flight home.
Most helpful.

If someone had told me say,  twenty years ago,  "This is what you'll be doing on a fairly regular basis"?  It would have been the farthest from any kind of reality that I was aware of at the time.  That's one way of saying,  I would have thought they were nuts.

 Now,  concerning our overnight guests.  I do have photo evidence.

Here's the thing.  Not only would I prefer to not put pictures of people's kids on line,  but I usually like to have some sort of tacit understanding that a person's image may in fact show up out there somewhere.   The subject was never broached.
You'll just have to take my word for it.

Oh well.

 They arrived here some time around 9:30,  and were met down stairs by Travelling Companion.  Supper was a bit of a non-issue.   They had some traffic difficulties getting out of Ljubljana,  and Travelling Companion has some difficulties getting away from her office.   They're having two days of "staff meetings",  what ever the heck that means,  and basically that just ties up her time so all the rest of the bla bla gets shoved over to the after work hours.
 In addition to the staff meeting issue,  with the ensuing evaporated time,  we're heading to Rome in the morning,  and that's one more day's work that isn't going to get done. 
Well,  not tomorrow anyway.  
The work never actually "goes away",  it just piles up.
She's NOT taking her computer.   I might put up with the crackberry,  but that's pretty much where I'll draw the line.
I won't be taking this laptop,  so there won't be any blogging or other internet tom foolery when we're there.
And yes,  I know there are internet cafés,  but really,  there can't be that much that I'd be so desperate to share.   Besides,  I somehow suspect the keyboard would be some goofy European/AZERTY version.  Typing isn't really something I think I'd ever be able to relearn.  I have enough issues as it is.

See for yourself....


Tried it once in Paris.  I had a shit of a job just signing into my email,  let alone typing anything.  I'll pass.  Thanks.

 Apparently Easter is a bit of a big deal in Rome.   Huh.  Who'd a thunk?

 OK,  I'm being really facetious here,  I'm not quite that dim.

I'm sure it will be just madness,  but one of those things that goes under the heading of "Once in a Lifetime".   Kind of like going to see the Passion Play in Oberammergau.
Not only have I had neither of those things on my Bucket List,  I don't even have a Bucket List.

I think that would just lead to disappointment.

So I've booked our taxi for 5:45 tomorrow morning.  I've just now printed off our boarding passes,  and have our hotel information at hand.
Other than that,  it's just a matter of setting the alarm.

Reports are that the weather both here and in Rome is going to be simply gorgeous,  so I'm thinking we can leave the parkas at home.   Ontario is a bit of a different story so I've heard?  I know we do get homesick from time to time,  but I can handle the weather we're having here,  thank-you.
Our overnight guests will be arriving later today in Toronto to temperatures in the single digits.  (Celsius, of course)  I think it will be a bit of a shock for them. 

"Hey!  Welcome to Canada!  Here's your toque!"

So,  "Happy Easter"  everyone.   Try not to overdose on those chocolate bunnies,  and bundle up.


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