Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I feel like a Spaniard.

Well,  not really.   It was just something I said to Travelling Companion last night as we started to eat dinner at 10:00 p.m.,  or thereabouts. 
See,  the Spaniards eat late,  which is something we discovered the first time we went to Spain,  and ended up in Bilbao at some point in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday,  only to discover that a lot of places were closed.   We didn't exactly want to venture too far from the hotel at that point,  but when they told us the restaurant didn't open until NINE P.M.,  we figured we'd need some sort of intervention.    We found a nearby bar that had some sandwiches.  Given adequate beer,  I was fine.
My little excursion last night was fine and dandy,  with a couple minor exceptions.  The subway and train rides were fine.  As a matter of fact,  the train ride is downright comfortable, since all the trains are electric as well,  so there's no loud smelly diesel locomotives or even clacking rails or that matter.   Only thing is,  at some point when the train is on it's way to Hollebrun,  they no longer announce the stops, so a certain amount of vigilance is in order.   No biggie.
From that point I could have hoofed it,  since it's about a kilometre,  but the last time I did that the bus went flying by,  and I figure since my ticket gets me on the bus anyway,  I'd just as soon ride.   Of course,  the bus does sit there for a good five or more minutes (didn't wear a watch)  which seemed like a painful amount of time no matter how long it was,  and then since it was starting to get dark out,  and the lights are on inside the bus,  I managed to miss my freakin' stop.
 Again no biggie,  since it was a beautiful night,  and a little exercise wasn't about to kill me. 
  It didn't really matter that it took a little longer getting there than I would have liked,  since Travelling Companion and another one of the number crunching wizards were still occupied for quite some time figuring out some higher math,  since there was going to be some "splainin'" to do today.   (It's that whole month end thing.)
Not sure how that went,  and it won't be a topic for discussion here anyway.

That's about it for today. 

Keep those sticks on the ice.



  1. Hi Bob,
    My daughter Rebecca had been living in Valencia, Spain for a few years, she met a fella from Andorra.... They married... lived there in the beautiful Pyrenies for awhile... now just last week immigrated to Vancouver, B.C. Quite a culture shock for them... Will see how they make out.

  2. Well at least Vancouver will be one of the warmer spots for the guy, not sure how he'll cope with the rain though. Maybe trips over to Victoria?


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