Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hey Toto! I think we're in Kansas!

Remember how it's been all nice and sunny and just peachy over the last couple weeks?

Well,  to quote inspector Clouseau,  "not any more".

When I picked up Travelling Companion at the airport last night,  there was some discussion about the bumpiness of the trip back from Belgrade.  Seems the wait staff were able to fire out the sandwiches in a timely manner,  but the drink cart had to be retired,  and one Flight Attendant (OK, I'm sure they'd prefer not to be referred to as "wait staff) had to buckle her self in, without even making it back to her jump seat.
Of course,  this was on JAT airways,  so perhaps they don't even have jump seats?

We've had rain,  wind,  and earlier today we managed to have some hail.  No fire and brimstone,  but it wouldn't surprise me.
Actually no, it's too cold for that.   The trusty thermometer is barely reading 8°C.

So the next topic of conversation was a possible road trip to the Netherlands over the weekend.  Hm.   Not quite as far as driving to Florida,  but still a bit of a hike coming in at around 10 hours.  I suppose for a true Canadian,  that's no big deal,  but Muggins here isn't getting any younger.   Even as a young slip of a thing I'd hear of the boys from Parrsboro, Nova Scotia driving home for the weekend from Etobicoke and it never once occurred to me that that was something I'd ever dream of doing.    That was something like an eighteen hour trip.  Sucks to be that homesick I suppose.
I have to commend their intestinal fortitude though,  especially considering the amount of Moosehead they'd consume once they got there.   And judging by the look (and smell) of them on Monday morning,  there had been a fair bit of drinking going on.

 So then this afternoon,  after having given the notion absolutely no thought whatsoever,  Travelling Companion called out of the blue to ask if I'd like to fly with her to Düsseldorf on Sunday,  rent a car and then drive to the Netherlands?

 "um, OK..."

Far be it from me to just say, "no".   That wouldn't be very sporting.

Seems she wants to go in the worst way,  but has very little desire to either take the train from Amsterdam to Hengelo,  or drive herself on the Autobahn through Germany.
Hengelo is after all,  according to one of our Dutch/Canadian friends,  "out in the Boonies",  so it's a couple hours from Schiphol,  and about an hour and a half from Düsseldorf.

I haven't the slightest idea what the details are at this point,   but at the moment it seems some time on Sunday we'll be heading to the airport.

Meanwhile,  I just might have to put the heat back on.


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