Monday, April 4, 2011

Signs of Spring

With the possible exception of Friday,  which was a bit of a dull day,  we've been having some absolutely fabulous weather here.  I do tend to obsess about bad weather,  so it stands to reason that I need to go on just ever so slightly about the good stuff too.

 Saturday we had to get out.   Figured we needed to see some water....somewhere,  so we headed out of Vienna for Neusiedl am See,  which was about an hour's drive away I think.
I wasn't really keeping track of the time.

We had no desire to drive all the way around the lake,  since we would have then ended up in Hungary,  but we may do that another time.

While I was contemplating the photo above,  I noticed off to our left a couple fellows looking for something in the grass.   Travelling Companion figured they were perhaps trying to sort out the menu for that evening at one of the local restaurants. 

Lost yer cat?

Not much of an outing really,  but we did discover a rather large "outlet mall" just off the A4.   I have a suspicion that we'll be going back there early some Saturday morning.  Just part of the deal I suppose. 

As is sometimes necessary,  I had to stop at McDonalds for a "McBathroom Break",  and casually asked if Travelling Companion would like anything.  Now,  normally I just go in and take a crap or whatever it is that I need to do,  and if I have to make a small contribution at the door for some sort of bathroom cleanliness,  then that's OK with me.   Wasn't the case at this one,  although I would have parted with the €,50 for a clean bathroom.
A large order of fries was all she wanted,  since we really don't eat their food.   Pretty sure if I had the need for a laxative,  I'd simply go to the pharmacy.
Not being quite sure of the procedure,  I asked where I might find the ketchup,  and was informed that it had to be ordered with the fries,  and was an additional €,30!   Yup,  gotta pay extra for ketchup.   What's McDonalds trading at right now?   Maybe we should be buying their stock?  I see though their dividend yield is kind of pitiful.
The fries were no surprise, with the exception that both they and the ketchup were kinda salty,  and I've heard that the rest of the McGarbage is the same as in North America.  Pretty sure I'll never know.   The clientèle had that familiar McDonalds look about them too.  I don't think I need to explain.

Forsythias everywhere

One of the things I started to notice as a part of our rooftop life,  is the number of people who tend to gravitate to the sun when the weather turns nice.

I'm afraid I need a slightly better lens for the camera.

Thankfully everyone seems to be keeping their clothes on at this point.  Wouldn't want to overdo it.

 It's the "first work day",  so Travelling Companion will be late getting home tonight.   I suspect that the meal for tonight will be a simple offering.


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  1. I was walking past your corner last Saturday and looked up at your roof! Hopefully the wife and I will get an invitation to come use your grill someday ;-)


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