Thursday, March 31, 2011

I have these theories.

While I realise I could probably drone on about Barcelona,  I'm sure nobody really gives a rat's tiny behind.  Usually these kind of descriptions end up sounding like,  "I was there and you weren't" .   So that would be two reasons.  Besides,  just go to google.

 It occurred to me a long,  long time ago,  that there are certain sounds known to man (like mankind,  not just men)  that give us that certain sense of well being that we all crave.   Sounds like birds chirping or the wind in the trees.   This is probably why we plant trees in the cities.
That's pretty simplistic I know,  but stay with me.
 I would like to submit to you that ancient man,  and perhaps even pre-historic man,  took great delight in the sound of the hearth.   Not only is there the crackling and snapping of the wood as it burns,  but there's also the smell and sound of cooking what ever critter he managed to hunt down that day.

Of course,  not everyone these days can hang a slab of meat over the hearth,   but there is a reasonable facsimile.

 I give you therefore,  the grill.

Let me also caution you.   If any man tries to tell you that they don't BBQ or use a grill,  there's something wrong.  Somehow their DNA has gone screwy.
I'm sorry,  it's as simple as that.   You want to migrate somewhere north of the Arctic Circle and eat whale blubber?   That's just not right.  Admittedly,  your enemies are going to leave you alone,  'cause they think you're nuts anyway.

 See,  putting raw meat on an open flame,  with the subsequent sound and smell,  is something that we are all pre-wired to appreciate.   It's something primordial.  It's in our DNA in the same way that,  in every dog there are remnants of wolf DNA.  It's irrefutable.

It's debatable whether it's a good thing or not,  but up to this point,  the internet does not provide anything more than sight and sound.

No smells.

I can live with that.

So,  here to awaken your primordial DNA,  I offer you the following:

Click on the grill below.

And you would not believe how long it took me to do that.  (the whole,  "click on the picture for a video"  thing)


And now,  I'm off to the hearth.



  1. Okay, that was different! Now I'm going to have to break out the grill and go find fresh meat! Wouldn't you rather just grill some mixed summer veggies - NOT!!!

  2. Well I do grill veggies, but it's not nearly as "dramatic"?
    And when I do, there's no room for meat. Grill too tiny.


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