Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Theories

I actually had this idea that I wanted to somehow call this "Moral dilemma"  or something like that,  but I'm not sure that would have been entirely accurate.  It has more to do with not tempting fate or pushing one's luck.  I think.
 Here's an example:   I've been messing around with woodworking for well over twenty years now.  I'm a pretty good beginner.  I also have all my digits,  as well as the use of both of my eyes.  My hearing has been failing for a few years (well,  so has my vision if you must know)  but that has nothing to do with woodworking.
I wear ear and eye protection religiously.

The thing is,  I must have a pretty good imagination for just "seeing"  when something bad could possibly happen?  Whether it's when using a chainsaw and realising that you're about to come to the point in the cut that could result in a nasty kick-back that just might sever an artery,  or doing something on the table saw that just doesn't feel right.

That kind of thing.

I just figure that's the reason why I have full use (relatively speaking) of all my ancillary equipment.  

Some people call that being "lucky".  I prefer to call it good judgement,  or being careful.  Not sure which.

 Here's the thing.  Back on the weekend,  Travelling Companion and I were contemplating yet another junket of some sort by air,  and before we were about to begin,  I reminded her that I would need her "Miles and More"  card.   Nothing worse than being all set to book a flight,  only to discover that you won't be able to get your air miles due to a missing snippet of info.  It's best to be prepared.

 It wasn't until earlier today that I discovered the wallet containing this little gem sitting innocently on the Ottoman.   It didn't even really jump out at me,  since it's a rather simple looking thing,  and doesn't cry out that there's anything important in there at all.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.   Seems that Travelling Companion has been going to work for the last two days with nary a stitch of identification.   No "Rijbewijs"  (dutch for driver's license)  and no "Aufenthaltstitel"  (um,  that would be her residence permit).

This is not good.

 See,  it's impossible at this point for me to "un-know" something.   It's kind of like if Travelling Companion finds out that there has been some sort of less than honourable behaviour in the company that cannot be named.  As a Director,  she has to do something.
 So,  for me to now do nothing,  would be pushing our luck.
Pure and simple.
You can bet yer bippy,  that tonight would be the night that they've set up some sort of elaborate roadblock somewhere on the way home,  and I'd get a plaintive phone call from the back of some paddy wagon.
Then what?
So maybe the "imagination" is a little over active?   Think what you will.  I don't care.  The icing on that particular cake would be the fact that I had prior knowledge of what could possibly have happened.
In certain circles they call that "no deniability" .   In my case I think it would have more to do with guilt.

So my first plan was to simply take public transit out to her office in Strebersdorf  (oh,  I actually wrote "Strebersdork"  by accident .....should have left it!)  but then I realised that that made very little sense.
What?  I take the wallet out there,  drop it off and drive the car back home?  Then return at some point later to pick her up?
No.   Have you seen the traffic here?
So the deal is,  I've prepared a couple things ahead of time that we can scarf down when we get home,  and she'll try and call me about an hour before she's ready to leave. 
Takes me about that long to get there.   50 minutes if I'm really clever.
And no,  I'm not dropping €30 on a smelly taxi so I can sit in traffic with some cab driver who barely speaks German.
 I already have a spare ticket that I've had hanging around for a few months,  today is a good day to use it.  I can get all the way out to 'Strebersdork' for a measly €1,80.
I know I do say some disparaging things about public transit in general,  but at least here in Wienerland there are options.

See?  Doesn't have that whole "better look inside" thing going on,  does it?   The spare car key is so I can go and fetch the car and have a place to hang out why she packs up and comes downstairs.   Her office is locked up like a bull's ass in fly time after hours,  so being able to simply wander in in the evening isn't going to happen.

Isn't this fun?

Oh,  and by the way,  I took her card and mine and scanned them into a pdf file that I now have on my computer.  Probably should have done that a while back.



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