Wednesday, March 31, 2010

City Life.

I was going to call it, "Life in Vienna",  but really,  some of this stuff is just due to being in the city.

You see things.

Like....some guy hanging off the side of the building fixing a broken window.


Somebody on a Sunday afternoon putting up yet another  crane...

I actually have a whole series of those,  but I won't bore you.

Of particular note,  and I'm sure anyone in a big city can vouch for this, one sees a lot of women who,  for a lack of a better term,  have a "unique fashion sense"? 
Everything from Punk,  Grunge to orange hair. 
You name it.  It's out there.

I try not to giggle.

  It ain't easy.

Oh!  And let's not forget the fake tans.   Oh my GOD!  Wipe that stuff off yer face!  You look like crap!

I have no photographic evidence,  since I don't quite have a long enough telephoto lens on the camera,  and I'd prefer to avoid any undue confrontations....
Of particular note,  since Vienna is such a cosmopolitan city,  they come in all shapes and sizes.
Tall ones,  short ones,  big...small.    Really, really skinny emaciated,  pasty,strung-out tattooed pathetic looking ones....

This is really quite different from the situation in Puerto Rico.
I only mention Puerto Rico since it was our last "outing"  in Ex-pat mode,  and was also a place where there were just hordes of people.
(tiny island,  four million people)

The Puerto Rican women,  or  Boricua, as they would call themselves,  were mostly all under 5' 5" and..,  how shall I put this?   99% of them were due for a proper bra fitting. 
It doesn't help to try and fit those double "D"s into a "C" cup!

I think this was their idea of a "fashion statement",  but it really didn't work.

They definitely did not have that whole "pear shape"  thing going on like North American women, since it was "hour glass"  all the way,   but....there was just a little too much sand in the hour glass....if you know what I mean?

Once again,  this is where discretion is the better part of valour,  and one simply doesn't quite know where to look,  but since I'm just under six feet tall,  I was fortunately able to simply look over their heads.

They also had the annoying habit of crowding in way too close in the shops or in any crowded situation.  I need my space!  Get away from me with those things!

Since it's going to be Easter in a few days,  I thought I'd try and put in some sort of Easter segue,  just in keeping with the "City Life"  theme.

We've named this guy "Rabbit Ears Dude"  and he's been out on Mariahilfer Strasse for a few days now.
Maybe much longer.  We're not sure.  We only really noticed him due to the Easter theme...

Either that,  or he's the Easter Bunny's alter ego,  and he didn't quite change 100% out of his costume.
Kind of like Batman forgetting to take off his "Bat Boots"  ....or something.

Seems he was doing a fairly decent business of selling his tattered magazines.
The story goes that these guys can buy a stack of these magazines called "Augustin"  or something like that,  for a Euro,  and then sell them on the street.  It's kind of another form of begging,  but at least you're getting something for whatever you give the guy.
I've also heard that it's a half decent read. 

Pretty sure I'll just stick to the regular newspaper.

Probably smells better.


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