Monday, March 15, 2010

A little woozy

As promised,  I'll be including some footage from Karlskirche,  which I uploaded to my Blip TV account this morning.
Meanwhile,  just finished my weekly German lesson,  which consists pretty much of yakking for two hours,  and at some point,  going over some of the holes that were filled in from the previous week.
My teacher always manages to come up with three or four pages of expressions or usages as a result of the previous week's yak fest.

My brain hurts.

So between that,  and waking up at the usual stupid assed time that I normally do of around six a.m.,  in spite of getting the final phone call earlier this morning at 12:30 or so,  means muggin's here might just close his eyes for a couple minutes at some point.

However!  Before too many minutes pass,  I figured I had better include a brief update on the travel front.

It's all good.  She made it.

My travelling companion did in fact reach her destination,  even though I could have made it there by car in less time.   We left here for the airport at around 3:15,  and she called from her hotel room in Baia Mare at 12:30. (a.m.)    Door to door, google maps estimates a car trip of 7 hours and 22 minutes.    So it took roughly two hours more to get there by plane!

Now isn't that special?

Turns out a few passengers were shipped up to Baie Mare from Cluj by van,  and what follows are the four messages I received during that fun trip...
(something to be said about texting from a Blackberry)

"I cannot find a seat belt. We are in the van they transport the pilots-- poor guys

There are three other girls and a man besides me an the driver

So I managed to get a seat belt on,.....

The room was nice and warm. I'm tired but OK"


 Le *sigh*

I often think of moments like this when I read some bile on the internet about "executive compensation"  and how some lowly worker bee is getting all bent outta shape 'cause these executives are making way too much money.
Tell ya what,  there simpleton,  how about we drop you off in some sh*t hole former Eastern Bloc country late on a Sunday night and we'll see if you can figure out how to get to your destination?   I guess the good news is,  in keeping with the "Darwinian rules of engagement",  we'd never hear from that simpleton again, so that would be some consolation.

 Certainly no need for any kind of drama on TV,  that's for sure.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming....

In keeping with the weekly Church visitation routine,  we thought we'd head to Karlskirche for the 11:00 a.m. service.
Only thing was,  when we got there at about 10:50,  it looked as though they were already doing communion.  If you're not up on the whole catholic routine,  that's at the end of the service.
That didn't seem right.

Turns out,  the time had been switched to 10:00 a.m.,  because the whole service was being broadcast live on Austrian Radio.
Due to it being a "Family Service",  I wasn't really all that upset that we had missed it,  since the place was packed,  and I do have some slight issues with annoying little spoiled brats interrupting what should otherwise be a fairly solemn undertaking.
I'm sure it's some sort of character flaw of mine,  but I've learned to live with it.
(I'm also sure all the radio listeners were so appreciative of the screams and bleats coming from the cheap seats)

 Needless to say,  Karlskirche is another one of these amazing structures that just boggles the mind.

So I took a couple clips towards the end of the service...

Here's the first clip.

(ya...take off yer hat,  stupid!)

I thought I could get really lazy and suggest that you click on "continue watching"  at the top of that screen,  but it only takes you from the second clip back to the first.

So fine.....I'll put in all the links.

 Clip 2

You'll notice it's suddenly once again in colour.  Dipshit here put his glasses on and figured out what button had been turned...

  Somebody thought there was still going to be an 11:00 o'clock service,  so we dutifully sat down.
 Since the technical dudes from the radio station were busy packing up,  I once again took out the camera.

Clip 3

At least with the scaffolding,  it does give a good impression of the height of the centre of the dome.

Clip 4

We're talkin' lots of marble here kids. (Those columns are solid marble)

Clip 5

We may head back there next week,  this time in time for a service.  I'll be sure and upload more boring footage.

Try not to nod off.


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