Thursday, April 1, 2010

An April Fools joke of sorts.

No,  we don't go playing tricks on each other.

I've noticed a couple lame attempts on the internet, and that's only due to it being the place where I seem to get the most of my news.  At least nobody has bothered to send me any lame-assed emails up to this point.
The day's not over though.....and it's still morning in North America.

So where am I going with this?

Well,  for the last few weeks I guess it's been,  I've been accompanying my travelling companion in the mornings to the parking garage and sending her on her way.   First of all,  the excercise ain't gonna kill me and secondly, she's been using this one computer bag lately that I swear would give Paul Bunyan a hernia.

I've already had my share of hernias in my life and I'm all good.  They've been fixed.
Thanks for your concern.
Just the same,  it doesn't exactly do wonders for my neck and shoulders,  but I'm sure I'll be fine.

Since it's "month end",  she had decided to head up to Schrems and help out the mutts in the trenches,  so this mornings luggage was of the extra cumbersome variety. 
That would not be such a huge deal,  except that we couldn't get into the flippin' parking garage.


See,  since we are "Dauerparker"  (we have a long term parking arrangement),  we have a plastic card with a magnetic strip,  not unlike a credit card, that we use to get in and out of the garage.  It usually resides in a little pouch with the car key,  along with a couple gas cards.  Normally I simply leave the card in the pouch,  hold it up in front of the sensor and the door opens.
Nothing happened.   Turned it over.   Nothing happened.
Opened the pouch.
Well,  there we go! There's only a couple gas cards.  Great for getting fuel,  not very helpful at the moment.

We just sort of looked at each other like a couple stunned bunnies.
(note Easter theme)

Now I have to say,  this is something that I've come really close  to doing myself,  since I do tend to zone out once in a while.  I've had to shuffle back to the car on more than one occasion and fetch the card,  so as to not end up being locked out.
Of course,  there's also that moment of doubt just after I've opened the door,  but not before letting it slam shut behind me,  when I feverishly open the pouch to double check that I do in fact have the card.

Weekends are a time of greater concern,  since the place is locked up solid all day Sunday.  Kinda puts a damper on that "Sunday Drive"  program when you can't get to the car.

Fortunately it was after 7:00 a.m.,  since the big metal doors are closed over night as well.
What that means however is,  we had to slink our way down the ramp that comes out way over on the other side.

Does it look like it's a bit of a hike? 

 There's no camera trickery here.  We're not just "underground".   No-no....this is a level below that. 

No biggie,  but a whole lot of slinking. 

A hand brake on luggage wouldn't hurt either.


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