Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Transylvania Report: Part Deux.

Once again,  we know it has nothing to do with Transylvania,  I just like using that title.

It occurred to me today at some point that I probably should give a small update on that whole "Corporate Jet"  scenario.

How shall I put this?

  It went well.

The only slight hitch,  if I would dare to even call it that,  was that it didn't take nearly long enough to get here.  I "got the call" at roughly ten to six,  and our brave heroine was already on the ground in Vienna. 
She didn't check her watch,  but was pretty sure they didn't leave until almost five.

That ain't too shabby.

Especially since it took her nine bloody hours to get there!

Usually with a commercial flight,  I'm always early due to some sort of paranoia on my part,  and then usually "Dipshit Airlines" is running late.   It was a bit of a nice change to actually slide into the pick-up area of the arrivals and make a hasty exit.

See,  here's the thing:  (and I'm sorry,  but you're already painfully aware of this....)  When you fly with "Dipshit Airlines"  or whomever,  you have to get to the airport early since well,  there are so many idiots to wade through,  and then you have to WAIT.   This waiting is usually conducive to making phone calls,  one of which might be to the person who is going to pick you up at the other end.

Didn't happen.  Couldn't happen.

They were doing some sort of little tour or other,  things got put in the trunk of a car,  and well,  the other part of the program is that everyone seems to carry your "stuff" for you.

So no phone call.  No biggie.

I'm also trying to get my head around the notion that the hosts over in Romania had managed to come up with four,  yes four big black Mercedes sedans in which to cart everyone around. 
I have no photographic proof,  but you'll just have to believe me. 
If there's ever a next time,  I might just have to send along a camera.
But of course,  you know that that would never fly.

("Oh excuse me there Big Kahuna,  can I take a picture for my husband's blog??")

Pft!  Ya, right.

Now in case you just crawled out from under a rock (which would bring into question your ability to read,  I suppose)
I'm talking something along these lines....

Bit of a far cry from the Toyota Echo we ended up with one night when we arrived in San Juan....
Funny how some things stick in one's memory,  eh?

But I digress...

So it turns out that the pilot is the one who actually checks the passports.


Kinda makes sense I guess.  Somebody really should,  and I suppose the pilot is ultimately responsible for whatever the cargo might be.

This particular event also included a co-pilot.
Another good idea.

It's that whole "over-seas flight" thing....

Apparently the thing only seats eight,  so I'm guessing it more or less was laid out in this fashion....

Kinda like a comfy RV in the sky.....

I'm only guessing here with these visuals,  since I can only go by the report from the front,  so to speak.

There was some talk about getting a similar piece of equipment for the folks over here in Yurp,  but it was just a tad pricey. 
Nice to know that someone was actually considering it though. 

Maybe we'll have to start looking on the "used" market??

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