Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weren't we just here?

That was the question I asked my travelling companion earlier today as we were once again heading to the airport.
Seems to me it was only a few days ago that she was off to the UK for a couple days,  and today she was headed off to lovely Romania.
Next week:  Serbia.

And I'm oh so staying home.

If we were still in the Netherlands,  it would have been a two hour car ride to the airport,  which would have meant leaving Delden around 1:30 for a 5:30 flight, followed by a two hour car ride back home for me.
Actually,  it probably would have meant taking someone to the train station in Hengelo,  but I have been known to do the car trip anyway,  just as some form of solidarity.
So thankfully,  the airport here in Wienerland is only about a half hour away by car,  maybe more if the traffic is not the best.

So that's pretty good,  right?

However, in order to get to Baia Mare,  Romania,  one has to go first to Bucharest.
Study your geography people!   Actually,  all you need to do is go to the map link here,  and look around.  It'll take you to Baia Mare,  and for Bucharest,  you'll need to go south.
It's a bit of a retarded flight plan if you ask me,  since you have to go all the way from one side of Romania to the other.  

The deal is,  she's supposed to call me when she gets to her destination.  Otherwise I don't sleep well.
So the phone just rang,  but it turns out,  she only made it part way.

Some place called Cluj

Whu?  Ruh-Roh.

(and there was a considerable amount of loud talking in the background from some less than happy customers...something to do with someone's goat having a curfew?....needing to get home...not sure.  My Romanian is a tad weak ) 

Apparently,  the flight was delayed for something like 45 minutes leaving Vienna,  and that was the exact same 45 minutes needed to catch the second flight to Baia Mare.  She wasn't  quite sure what to do,  so she grabbed a flight in the general direction and ended up in Cluj.
They're sending a driver to fetch her,  but it's something like a two hour drive just the same.
Them thar Romanian super highways and all that,  don't ya know.

Might be an idea to send along motion sickness pills on any future trips to lovely Romania.

When I was asked if I ever wanted to drive to Romania,  I think I said.....well,  I can't really say what I said,  since this is a public blog.   Put it this way, we won't be driving to Romania any time soon.

I have to say,  this whole "flight delay" situation is far too common all over Europe these days,  and it's easy to fully understand the rationale behind the whole Corporate jet program. 
One of the higher ups from the company that cannot be named is on his way over,  and the scuttlebutt is that my travelling companion is supposed to be on the corporate jet for the return trip to Wienerland on Tuesday night.  Kinda hoping that plan works out,  in light of this recent development.
 If I hold my thumb up to the map and squint just so,  it looks like it shouldn't be any more than about an hour and a bit for a direct flight from Baia Mare to Vienna. 

Plus,  you just walk out and get on the plane.  There's no boarding pass,  no surly airline employees,  and no security.
You gonna blow up yer own plane?  pft!  Go ahead,  see if we care.

If not,  (since these geniuses haven't yet come up with a final tally of occupants)  then she'll simply have to suck it up and fly commercial on Wednesday morning.

 I know she was showing considerable contempt for the whole Corporate jet scheme, and was quite content to fly commercial,  but I'm secretly rooting for her.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the church service we almost made it to.
Had nothing to do with any time change,  we don't do that for another couple weeks.

Sleep tight.

N.B.  For those who are keeping count,  I decided to justifiably add yet another "retarded people"  label.


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