Thursday, March 25, 2010

More sparkly things.

Pretty sure we've come to the end of the high-end lamp program.   We have a few more bare bulbs to deal with throughout the place,  but they'll quite likely be from something we find at one of the building supply places. (i.e. cheap)

I would have preferred that there had been something there to replace,  since then there wouldn't have been the minor wiring mystery that I always seemed to be plagued with.
The installation of the first lamp in the small bathroom was basically a breeze,  and is now switched on and off by the fourth switch on the outside wall.
As it should be.

So one would think that installation number two would play out in a similar fashion.

Not so.

Turns out we don't know what that fourth switch is for.  It trips a relay in the main distribution box,  but it doesn't do anything to the supposed "hot" lead coming out of the wall.
There were actually two "hot" leads,  if I can figure out their goofy colour scheme,  and the black lead was constantly hot.  Thankfully it just so happens that each of these fancy new fixtures has a built in switch.   Think they know something I don't?
So fine,  it's hooked to that hot lead,  and will get turned on and off with the pull cord.
This is why I like to do my own flippin' wiring.  Then at least I know what the heck is going on.
While I was at the crystal store I quickly took a pic.

This is actually just the front area.  They have many,  many rooms of these things.  Some of which are crazy huge.

Oh,  forgot to mention,  went yesterday morning and picked up my Austrian driver's license.  Now get this.  It doesn't expire.  (??)


I'm not making this up,  and I even confirmed it with Relocation Lady. She was quite surprised to see the expiry date on my Ontario license.   Now,  I have no clue what happens when we move back to Canader,  but they say they sent off my Ontario license to the Consolate,  and then I guess they send it off to the MTO?

Who knows?

I covered some bits to protect the idiot.

In the spot that's marked "4b",  that's where they would have put in an expiry date if any.

My guess is,  that the geniuses at the MTO will simply send out the form for a renewal when the time comes,  since I can't see how any of that external affairs kind of bureaucracy would stand the slightest chance of ever working.
I could be wrong.   We'll see.

So that's the last we'll see of Relocation Lady until we have to move back I guess.

Bureaucracy wise,  we're done.


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