Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cookin' with Love.

OK,  other than a picture of this heart shaped potato,  I got nothin'.
It's wrinkled 'cause it's been boiled already,  OK?

You pretty much know that "life goes on"  when there's really not all that much to report,  and a picture of a boiled potato is all you got?

 Waiting for "the call"  from my travelling companion who is coming back from Serbia today.  Direct flight this time.  That corporate jet program was a one time offer,  and may very well be the only time it'll ever happen.  Nice to do it once I suppose.
Now,   on Saturday we thought we'd try the Naschmarkt once again.  Remember how we were there the last time and it was cold? And I made a small prediction?

I so wish I had been wrong.

I don't think I've ever seen such a crowd.  It was unreal.

And I didn't notice until just now,  the astutely placed Jaegermeister ad off to the side there.  Some of us have a history with said libation.  We won't go there.

There was one whole section a little past the far left edge of this photo that was a whole "flea market"  kind of experience.   I think that section was even more of a mob scene than the food end of things.  And what a lot of junk!    I'm pretty sure from the looks of some of the patrons that a quite a lot them went there to buy their clothes,  and all the stuff looked like it had been rejected from any self respecting charity.

So we eventually waded through the crowd to find the place to buy some salmon,  which I cooked up later on the BBQ  (keeping with the cooking theme here)

 Sunday we went back for a mass at 11:00 (had the right time this time)  at this place....

It's Karlskirche,  in case you weren't taking notes last week.

Even though it was a fairly nice day,  in spite of a couple sprinkles from time to time,  with a temperature of almost 19°C,  it was COLD in the church.   Again.
Thankfully the heated seat program was in full operation.
So during mass,   the tourists get punted out, but then start meandering back in at the end.  There were other "annoyances"  like the people behind us whose kid couldn't keep his mouth shut for five minutes.  Not only that,  but I KNOW he wasn't old enough to go up for communion.   Maybe that was his only breakfast.


It's very hard to do justice to the place with pictures,  but I did take a couple shots.

So I suppose on the hottest day of the year,  it'll be quite comfy in some of these places,  so that's some consolation I guess.  I didn't quite have early stages of hypothermia this time,  but it was sure nice to get back outdoors to get warmed up.

That's about the extent of the report from the Eastern Realm.

As an afterthought,  I've added a link to yet another video of Karlskirche


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