Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Transylvania Report.

OK so,  technically my travelling companion isn't really in Transylvania proper,  but only passed through when she ended up in Cluj.
But it's a catchy title,  don't you think?  Better than the "Maramureş Report",   even though that would be more accurate.

What the hell is he talking about?

Well see,  I've been reading about the history of Romania.   Forget about all that Bram Stoker "stuff",  even though there are juicy bits about Vlad the Impaler,  and a really neat old castle.  I'm sure the average Romanian takes a similar view of all that other made up "stuff",  in a similar way that Canadians might worry about polar bears outside their front door.
Sorry there "Hans",  but no,  there are no polar bears on my front lawn. 

(ya,  just poke 'em with a stick,  they go away....)

Anyway,  back to the report.

I'm sitting here writing this,  since I'm not on the way to meet the 8:30 flight coming in from Bucharest.   Seems the corporate jet crowd got stranded in Vienna at some point,  (well,  yesterday) since there was so much snow coming down in Baia Mare.

OK then.

There's probably some other issues at play there involving Visual Flight Rules and the fact that it's freakin' March and just maybe several inches of snow on the runway is a bit of a challenge.
So they decided to hang around Austria for the day and instead took a little jaunt up to Schrems.
I'm sure the folks in Schrems were oh so thrilled to have the CFO from the company that cannot be named show up out of the blue.

So some time today....we're not sure when,  I'll get "the call".

We'll see how she likes the whole experience.

Meanwhile,  there was some discussion about the whole adventure getting there,  and it seems that the folks in Baia Mare are simply going to have a driver waiting at the Cluj airport from now on,  since there just so happens to be a direct flight from Vienna to Cluj.
Who knew?

So in spite of the roughly two hour drive,  there won't be any future issues involving missed connecting flights or possible lost luggage.

But that's another story.

Just to further dispel any preconceived notions we might have about hanging around in Romania,  I managed to find a picture of the hotel where our heroine is staying.

Look.  They have pavement!

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