Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Crappy Weather.

What is it about cold blowing rain that is oh so nasty?    I almost think I prefer snow.
We had what I would consider something of a squall come through at around eight this morning and that was... interesting.   When you're up on the top floor,  there's a certain appreciation for the structural integrity of a building that was erected in 1908.
There were a couple wide-eyed moments just the same.
At this point after two solid days of gusty winds,  all the crap that was blowing around on Sunday and Monday has by now been cleaned up,  so the streets are rather tidy,  I must say.

I did venture out to a baker over on Neubaugaße some time in the fore noon, since it looked like things were easing up and I thought I might then take the car out to one of the hardware type stores out in Hütteldorf.

I'd really like to install a decent soap dish in my shower,  since I'm getting a little fed up with that whole bending over for the soap program.  There's just me in there I realise,  so it's not like I'm concerned about anyone "sneaking up on me" but still,  I'm not overly keen.
I realise (if you bother to go to the link)  that Hütteldorf looks like it's a bit of a hike,  but the thing is,  the car doesn't mind,  and there's ample parking.   We have a "Baumax"  not too far away over on Schadinagaße,  not that you care,  but the parking is non-existent.
I've frittered away many a minute circling that place,  and I have no desire to go back.

Meanwhile,  I finally got around to fixing the little issue I had with our flat bed scanner.
I should clarify that,  there was really nothing "wrong" with the scanner.   It had been working fine,  and was put into service from time to time when this or that bureaucratic entity would want a copy of some document of other.  Used it in the Netherlands,   Used it here.

Only thing is,  at some point back in mid December,  I had to scan something or other,  and for a brief moment there,  I completely forgot that,  unlike some computer equipment,  this particular device needs only 110 volts.

(no words.....)

Apart from tripping a breaker (they're made by the company that cannot be named,  and they're actually quite sensitive it seems)
there was nothing else that happened,  but the transformer was kinda pooched.

In case you're wondering what I mean by "transformer",  it's that lumpy bit that gets plugged into the wall.

Looks like this:

In this particular instance however,  it should have been plugged into a second transformer that steps down the voltage.

We have one.

Didn't use it.

(again...no words...)

Funny what 220 will do to a 110 volt transformer.

Funny smell too.


So that was pretty much the end of the scanning at that point.

The slight additional wrinkle is that "flat bed" scanners,  seem to be a bit of dying breed.   Had a look around on-line,  but didn't want some combination photo copier/scanner/printer thing,  and really didn't want to spend too darned much at all,  to be honest.

It so happens that not far from our Canadian home,  there is this one store, called Sayal   that sells a whack of electronics "stuff",  and I thought I just might be able to find something when we went home over Christmas.
(I'm actually a little surprised they have that website,  and I might just have a little look around later on)

So for a whopping $1.99,  (plus tax)  for a new 15 volt transformer,  our scanner is now back in operation.

OK so, I might have procrastinated a little.  What is this,  March?
Big deal.  Bite me.

Also, you can go ahead and call me cheap.

I don't care. 


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