Friday, July 25, 2014

Not really my Happy Place.

Or at least that was the thought that crossed my mind today as I was cutting the soffit overhead with the reciprocation saw. 

And of course,  the wind was blowing the sawdust right in my eyes. 

To be expected I suppose.

I still have a couple finishing touches to sort out right at the corner of the house.



One of which was to make more of a space between the soffit and that one beam sticking out there.  “Copper Dude” will be coming next week to put ends on those things, and that one looked problematic.

I managed to figure out all the kooky angles the other day for the new board there,  which of course involved at least a couple dozen trips up and down the ladder.    That was where the stick of wood with the two clamps came in.  No point trying to use a sliding T-bevel.  Actually,  I don’t think there even is a tool to use there.

This gizmo.


Not sure what you’d call that for a tool.

Just needed to know how much of a bevel there was on the back side of the upper part of the board.  Had to be one solid board too.

Anyhoodle,  it’s together to such an extent that no critters can get in.  I’ll sort out the rest of the fancy bits early next week.

And I remembered to put back the downspout.  They’re calling for rain again this weekend.




I suppose I’d best take a stab at cleaning out the table saw one of these days.  It never occurred to me that it would be so full.



The sawdust sure piles up when you’re having fun.

And this is what the dust collector didn’t get.  And really,  having it built up like that makes for more efficient dust collection,  since it’s then sucking all the dust more directly from the blade.

Like you care.


We’ve been invited up to a cottage at Wasaga Beach,  so I’ll try and take a few photos.  I *think* I need to take along a few tools,  although I’m not sure what I’d need.   The owners of this place refer to it as “The Situation”.  I think that will be the moniker they’ll stick with for naming the cottage.  Should be an adventure.


See you on the flip side.


Thanks for poppin’ ‘round.


  1. If you want to change the wind direction, just saw from a different angle. Maybe goggles are in order. Anyway it does look good!

  2. Looks great and I am sure it will look fantastic once the copper ends are on.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Almost done, and Wasaga beach for the Weekend, hope you have great weather.

  4. Is the invitation to the cottage because the owners like your company or is it because you're handy with tools? ;c)

  5. That reminds me - I'd better check both my saw and dust collector for sawdust.

    It'll be nice to get this awkward job finished for sure.

  6. As someone with absolutely no carpentry skills, I find it fascinating following your progress with your home.

  7. OK, time for me to clean up my shop. A couple of tools have disappeared from their hanging places and I am sure they are hiding somewhere. Nice job you are doing there, as usual. You are a detail type guy!

  8. One thing I miss since we started fulltiming.....Hearing John, out in his workshop using his tools...and smelling the fresh cut wood.


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