Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It’s Wednesday, right?


It was time to move the scaffold.  That was today’s big event.

Well,  and we did get some of the tongue and groovy filled in below where the windows go.  Didn’t take a picture.  That was at the end of proceedings,  and I was getting a little pooched at that point.

Well,  maybe more than a little. 

I think I need a vacation.

We’re into our third week here.  It’s getting to the point where you can really appreciate the difference.  There were some days when it felt like we hadn’t really accomplished much.  Very frustrating.

The weather has really been phenomenal.  Nearly no humidity,  cloudy then sunny.  Prefer cloudy.

I think I said that.

Well, it did rain for maybe a half hour.  We sort of have it figured out now though if it looks like it’s going to rain.  I had a couple small tarps at the ready for the compressor and the cut off saw.  I didn’t really completely uncover the pile of cedar at the side of the house,  so that wasn’t a problem.

I do realise that I probably shouldn’t really care if someone else’s stuff gets wet,  but there’s some recessive gene that I have,  that won’t permit me to abuse a tool. 

Hey,  some folks are Vegans/Vegetarians/whatever. I’ll have some bacon from time to time.  And put butter on my toast.

However, fail to change the oil in a machine or abuse it in any way?   Never.

I’m sure it’s some sort of mechanic/woodworker venial sin.

No,  really.  There’s bound to be some special place in Hell for tool abusers.  Right next to the Chevy Vega that’s burning oil and has terrible valve lash.   That you have to listen to and smell,  for eternity.


Just had to go downstairs and extricate a small suitcase for Travelling Companion.  She’s travelling,  but not with me.  Taking a little jaunt up to Ottawa to visit her brother.  She and a sister are taking the train.  It should be an enjoyable trip.  Providing of course that there are no derailments or Injuns on the tracks. 

I meant to say “engines”.  “Injuns” wouldn’t be P.C.

‘Cause I’m all about being politically correct. 


And on that note,  I’m going to bed.


Sticks.  Ice.  You know the drill.


Thanks for looking.


  1. Can not ever abuse tools, a huge no no. Looks like you work is moving right along, better take a rest.

  2. I hope that special place in the hereafter also has the inventor of wallpaper as a resident! ;c)


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