Saturday, July 5, 2014

It’s Saturday afternoon, and I’ve done nothing.

I mean,  I ran to Home Despot this morning to pick up some new planer blades since well,  we be gettin’ a bit dull.  And made a trip to Costco,  plus Lee Valley.

Now,  I had no intentions of going all the way across town to Lee Valley,  but I found that I couldn’t get four and a half inch sanding pads at Home Despot.  Kind of frustrating,  actually.   I mean,  I certainly don’t mind buying from Lee Valley,  and I would have looked there first,  had I known that Home Despot only carried something called “Diablo”  sanding disks.  That’s all fine and dandy,  and I’m sure they’re just peachy.  Except that they only carry a five inch disk. 

So I beaked off at the attendant about some Jack-Tard at the corporate level who probably has a golfing buddy who works for Diablo,  and that’s how they got that product line. 

He offered no opinion,  only nodding knowingly.



The cladding of the exterior is coming along.   And this is probably why I was feeling a little weary today.  I don’t think I worked this hard… work.

I think it’s going to look pretty awesome.

The house is 56 years old this year,  and the wood out front is looking a wee bit sad,  even though it’s structurally sound. 

We also enlisted the help of son-in-law to slap on some finish.



“Oh,  am I going to be in the blog?”


“Then I’d best strike a pose”.


Actually,  he didn’t really say that.  I’m making that part up. 


Get back to work.


Speaking of looking a wee bit sad,  I might just try and get ahead of the disaster that used to be my shop.





My sense of order is really being challenged.  I try not to hyperventilate.

We’ve emptied my totally awesome Oneida dust collector at least a half dozen times.   Nary a spec of dust in the air when that thing is running. 

Of course, it’s really built for a “hobby shop”,  and we’re kind of doing things at a quasi-industrial level,  so I’ve had to keep an eye on the level in the bin.  One time we did clog up the filter.   That’s a bitch.  It’s a Hepa filter which,  apart from all the technical mumbo jumbo,  means that it has a bunch of pleats inside that really really trap all the dust.   Getting that mostly clean was a job.


I think that’s all I got.


Travelling Companion and I did go out to eat with the “kids” last night at a place they enjoy going to in Oakville.  Good eats at The Gingerman.


Hm,  kind of a crappy photo.


The prices were OK,  with entrees running between ten and twenty bucks.  And good beer.  It’s always a plus when there’s not just your run of the mill national brand/watered down/heavily advertised/ crap. 

Not mentioning any names.   Might get in trouble.

Oh,  and speaking of not drinking some watered down crap,  here’s me in the passenger seat after having a couple “real” beers.



Didn’t think I wanted to be at the wheel,  so T.C. took the helm.

Besides,  would you want that guy driving you??


Easy on the comments people.



Thanks it for today,  and maybe a few days.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hard work deserves a good beer. I'm not sure why I said that because I dislike beer and stick to the hard stuff, in moderation. Of course my definition of moderation changes with my mood. I hope you're having a terrific weekend.

  2. Things are definitely looking up on the home front.
    With the way the laws have changed lately you were smart to be in the passenger seat.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Great picture of you. Will that be on this year's Christmas card? :cD

  4. Nice to have a driver along so you can enjoy some good beer.
    We like to take our house with us to parties and restaurants so no need to drive anywhere. That what we did saturday night.

  5. I don't think the police would have been very impressed with your "happy face" had you been stopped while driving!

    Thank you for your kind words and encouragement following the loss of our beloved pup Molly. Your thoughts are much appreciated by both Paulette and myself.


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