Tuesday, July 8, 2014

More discoveries.

Well we’re still at it.  The *hope* is to be substantially finished by the end of the week.   We’ve had a couple rain delays,  which hasn’t helped.   Today we worked on through the rain when it started just after lunch, but got tired of getting wet by about three and packed it in.

I took the time yesterday morning to put in a new set of knives in the thickness planer.  Otherwise the cedar starts to get a bit “fuzzy”. 

I had to briefly consult the manual,  since it had been a while since I had opened the thing up.  Once I had the top off, it all came back to me.


I’m not a big proponent of one brand over another,  but the good folks at DeWalt have come up with a couple little features that make it easy peasy to change the knives.  The first part is being able to pop the lid off like that,  which then locks the cutter head,  making it a cinch undo the top knife.  There are no gib screws such as in a jointer,  and that helps.



jointer cutter head

Too hard to describe what a “gib screw” is, but there are three of them holding that jointer knife in place. Getting them just right is a b*tch.  Trust me.


They’ve also very cleverly added a couple magnets to the T-handled wrench,  so as to make it easier and safer to get the knives in and out. 



Anyway,  I put it all back together and it works just fine. I think that was the intent of making it monkey simple.


So this morning we decided to tackle the corner of the house over the front steps.  I knew it was going to be a bit of a dog’s breakfast,  and sure enough,  there were some rotting bits. 

Part of that plan was to remove the soffit,  and I figured there would be some debris waiting to fall out,  but when we discovered the three bricks?   That was a bit of a surprise. 



I didn’t actually take a picture of the bricks,  since Carpenter Dude heaved them out onto the grass next to the driveway.

(Again,  note how he’s on the ladder,  not me?)


They were *new* bricks too.  As in,  unused.  Think the bricklayer misplaces a couple?  Why in the soffit?  Were they using them to hold down a tarp?  We’ll never know I suppose.


Oh,  and I almost forgot,  he found a seashell.

I’m not making this up either.   Too bizarre to make up.


Sure wish there was some hidden cash up there.


Other than that,  I got nothing.  I just went out after the end of Jeopardy,  thinking I’d fart around out there for a couple hours,  and it’s once again raining.  Gah!

It’s supposed to clear up for the remainder of the week though.

They say.

Just rolled my eyes.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I've always admired guys who can handle tools and make or fix things. My dad was a handy guy around the house and could fix just about anything. Our son is this way so I guess it skipped a generation. Take care.

  2. Been quite the rainy week and it's only Tuesday. On the up side, I saw two rainbows tonight. One was vertical.

  3. There was a home reno show on where they found all the bricks of a years ago demolished chimney scattered around on the ceiling panels, making the ceiling sag after a few years. Easier than throwing them out I guess.

  4. Never know what you will find hidden behind the finished product when you are renovating or repairing.

  5. Perhaps a bird flew by and dropped the shell, way back when at just the moment everything was open to the sky.


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