Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Remember the Wolf?

I’m pretty sure I only saw Pulp Fiction once,  since it’s kind of like another movie that I only saw one time, and that was No Country for Old Men.   Both really good films, but just disturbing enough that I only wanted to watch that one time.  There are clips on Youtube of course so,  if I want to see someone’s brains splattered about,  I don’t have to watch an entire film.

Well,  “The Wolf”,  was a character played by Harvey Keitel,  who is called upon to come in and clean up a situation.  I put in my own italics there,  just so you know.

Anyway,  we’ve started calling Travelling Companion “The Wolf” lately,  since there has been some talk of helping with a couple issues.   And that’s all I can say about that.



*I’ve redacted parts of this entry due to some “hush hush” issues.  Has nothing to do with me.  I’ll advise later. Much later. 


*********big space**********


Meanwhile,  the scaffolding was picked up as scheduled yesterday morning.


I thought the truck was rather cool,  since the entire back platform simply comes down off the back and rests at ground level.  Makes loading a cinch.  Why would I schlepp all those parts back on the back of a pick-up truck?

I spent most of yesterday just intermittently cleaning up.  I’m almost there.  It was kind of overwhelming.  I ran out of boxes.


Took some time today to try and finish off the two missing pieces from the side of the house.


I’ll explain (if I remember) what I used this contraption for.  Of course,  It was one of the hottest days we’ve had in a while,  but there was grass to be cut, and wood to be gnawed away at.   And I’m not overly exaggerating about that second part.

Oh,  and coincidently,  I woke up to a report this morning on one of the news channels talking about how they were trying to “encourage bike riders” to go to the train station,  instead of using their cars. 

Well, not those exact words,  but something along those lines.

Hey,  I was barely awake.


See,  I was at the GO (Stands for Government of Ontario) Train station yesterday afternoon to pick up T.C. and her sister,  so I got to witness the pitiful “bike infrastructure”  that was on display.


Here it is:



Well now, I’d wager you could get a whopping ten or twelve bikes in there! 

Yup.  That’ll do it.



There were a few brave souls getting on their bikes.

Best of luck.


And you know,  if you look at all the thousands of cars that are leaving the train station after each and every train arrives,  there’s always only ONE person in the vehicle.  No wonder our roads are clogged!


Of course,  there were barely four or five bikes in there at any given time, since getting to the station by bike is fraught with all kinds of obstacles.   I mean,  who wants to ride in amongst all those harried car commuters as they go barrelling out onto the street?  

It’s called separate bike lanes people!   And I don’t mean painting some lines at the side of the road either. 

Bah!  Just go to The Netherlands and get a clue.

And there’s no point getting on council and trying to change things,  since these things “cost money”,  and we’d sooner waste it on paving new roads for cars.

End of rant.


The report on the train trip up to Ottawa was that it was “wonderful”.  But that’s not why we’re here.  She can write her own blog.


Tomorrow I’m off to bottle some wine.  Finally. 

We ran out a while back.


My brain is empty.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. That was quite a jumble of thoughts, hope they all lead you somewhere enjoyable! ;c)

  2. Heaven forbid you run out of wine, better get another batch going soon, stock up that wine cellar.

  3. I'd never heard of 'spastic colon' before - don't think I want one of those! Although I have been accused of having a spastic brain!

    Sounds like the GO isn't really into bikes as much as they claim.

  4. I'm curious; if they found something during your colonoscopy that needed to be removed why didn't they do it then and there? I've had two colonoscopies and each time they found something, removed and biopsied it.

    1. They did remove a couple *smaller* items (polyps) but I take it that this one was a wee bit too cumbersome? Maybe they were afraid I'd croak right there and then. Best have me in a hospital.
      Hate to put it in any kind of doom and gloom context, but that exam 'probably saved my life'.
      Enough said.


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