Friday, July 11, 2014

Really too tired for words.

And,  we’ve decided we’ll work tomorrow as well, since we had a couple rain delays.

Oh,  and Carpenter Dude had a dental emergency yesterday,  so that didn’t help the schedule either.  Nor his pocketbook.  Two root canals! 

But hey,  “been there,  done that.”   Although I’ve only ever had one root canal.  I still have a few years left so you know, there’s always the possibility of another one.  Or two.


I’m just going to throw up a couple pictures of the result of today’s fun and games,  and put up a link to the rest.



First half done.


Then the other side.


Daughter Number Two took over the camera and just started snapping away.  That’s the fun thing about the digital age.  That many pictures back in the days of film would have made a dent in the wallet.

Here’s the link.  Knock yourselves out.


  1. Love the ginger bread, soon be back to original shape.
    Saw all your pics on the book of face, you sure did have a busy day.
    Nice to have number two there to snap all those pics.

  2. I clicked the photo link and you're right - you'd be in the poor house if you had to pay for all those pics to be developed and printed. Shows you were working hard though.

  3. I admire your work ethic:) I am tired just thinking about it!

  4. I've had several root canals and they really aren't as painful as they used to be. Dental science has come a long way. Take care and Happy Weekend.

  5. Is that all the pictures she took? I thought you said there were a lot... :cP


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