Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It’s Wednesday, right?

Didn’t seem to matter that yesterday was Canada Day.  Big whoop.  Maybe one of these days we’ll go and watch fireworks again somewhere.  Haven’t had a chance to do that in a while.

The project continues.  This could probably be considered,  “The Big One”.  Also the reason why I’ve been putting it off all these years,  and that’s mostly since I knew it was going to be a huge deal.  Certainly overwhelming to tackle on my own.

And of course,  there are always those crazy little discoveries that one finds along the way.

Might I offer,  the “Big Nest”.  Or something.




A narrow cavity behind some panelling where the critters had been adding some material for a “home”.  This is an “outdoor” space,  and I imagine all of this took place in the several decades before we came along and I put up wire mesh to keep the critters out. 

It never occurred to me to take away the panelling.  But today was the day.  

Sure glad I have a respirator.



Our tongue and groovy arrived today, so that meant I could start in on some of the dressier parts.




Always helpful to finish some of the bits before they get installed.   Much easier than hanging off a ladder.  Mind you,  hanging off a ladder is something that I am getting a little more used to,  even though it’s probably never going to be something that thrills me. 



Somebody needs to clean up that mess.

There’s more,  but I’m bushed. 

But hey,  I’ve lost five pounds so far this week!  Just too bad it doesn’t come off my gut.  Why does that never happen?


That’s all I got.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Did you ever consider catching & making pets out of those Critters. You could train them to hold the ladder for you when swaying & wobbling at those higher altitudes:))

  2. That nest looks big enough for a dodo bird, but I doubt a dodo made it.

  3. That nest is huge! Guess they have been at it for years. Looks like you are making some head way though.

  4. Amazing what you discover when tearing things apart.
    Will be nice to get all that nice looking tongue and grove installed.

  5. Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss! ;c)

  6. Lots of hard work. Good luck, but I don't think you need it.

  7. Yikes! Pests and hard work-a rough combination:(


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