Saturday, August 2, 2014

Like going to Confession.

Except I’ve never gone to “confession” in my life.  Probably would help if I were Catholic,  to start.

So why did my pea brain come up with that? 

Well,  I almost feel like saying,  “Forgive me blog followers,  but it’s been five days since my last confession  entry”.  Isn’t that the way it goes?  I’ve only seen it on TV.  Like I said.  Never been.  Never going.

Oh wait.  I guess it’s been seven days.  Would help if I could count.



Anyway,  things are progressing on the house reno end of things.  Copper Dude and his two sons were here on Wednesday when I got home from breakfast with the “Breakfast Babes”,  and they were hard at it.




This is the result so far.  


Yesterday I got my quotes back from Sheri at Anderson Windows.  I’ll give them the go ahead on Tuesday I would think.   Note that it’s not “Andersen”  windows.   That’s the huge American company that seems to always come up whenever I search for “Anderson” windows.   F**king Google. 

I thought at first the copper ends would look a bit goofy,  but I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out.   He had to get a bit creative with the four purlins up at the roof line there.  Seems to work.

Considering I had no clue how to deal with that issue,  what can I say?

Meanwhile,  I’ve finished off the annoying little end bit at the corner there. 



It still needs “work”,  since that piece is lacking Cetol,  and the copper end is sitting in my shop.  Need to wait for the soffit/facia folks to come around.  Soon I hope.

I also cut back the edge of the soffit in anticipation of the soffit people,  but I think I said that.


I guess I forgot to mention anything about the cottage outing? 

It was fine.  Really.

The weather was a wee bit on the blustery/rainy side,  but we didn’t care. Neither Travelling Companion nor I are really into the beach scene,  but we did sit out for part of one afternoon and watched sister-in-law do a few “laps”.   I guess that’s what it’s called.  She just swims back and forth for a bit of exercise.


I said watching her go into the water was like watching a Fellini film.  Every time I took a glance up at her progress,  she was another few meters out,  but not too terribly much deeper.  Such is Wasaga Beach.  There were NOT a lot of beach goers out.  Not enough sun I guess.  I was comfy.



The little cottage they bought is quite rustic,  which is quite to our liking.  I mean,  we’ve rented places that had more “things” inside,  and I suppose if you’re going to pony up some serious cash,  it’s nice to have a few amenities,  but I usually just want a roof over my head and a decent bed. 

We also came to a conclusion about the “Cottage Dynamic”,  or at least that’s what I’ll call it.   If you’re going to build a “house”  and have it dry walled and insulated and all that,  then you’d best be prepared to keep it heated year ‘round.  The one pictured above has the same material on the inside as on the outside,  with bare studs and exposed wiring and such.  No worries about moisture getting trapped in the walls in the off seasons,  with the subsequent minor stench that ensues. 

I’ve been in those places,  where the cottage owner proudly announces just how much “work” they’ve done, when the fact of the matter is,  they’ve really only managed to bugger the place up.  Besides,  if you’re going to make it into a second “house”,  who the heck wants to be worried about getting up there to cut the grass?  Just leave it rustic!

Meh, to each his own.

I do wish I had taken the camera along on one of our walks along Shore Lane,  since there were some Gawd awful looking specimens to mock. 

No really,  many people have more money than brains.  That’s all I’ll say about that.  Maybe next time I’ll photograph a couple examples,  and we can all have a good laugh.


It’s a long weekend here in these parts,  although every Monday is the same it seems.  I’ll manage to keep busy. 

Just glad I don’t have to use the Skyway Bridge is all.   Have you seen this story??  

Talk about stupid. 

I can’t even elaborate,  because I’ll just go off on a rant here,  and it won’t be pretty.  You can do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

Keep it between the ditches.  

And lower the box on your dump truck!


Thanks for stopping by. 


Until next time.


  1. Great to have contractors that actually show up and do the work. I wonder if we could export them to Florida. I have been led to believe by those black outfit folks that confession is good for the soul:)

  2. So now I see what you are doing with the copper, it was a mystery to me till now. Maybe I missed a post.

    I am going out to visit my sister in Kitchener in a couple of weeks and we will probably end up out at her "cottage" - house at Wasaga Beach. The last time I was there she showed me some of the mansions that pass for summer cottages. Wow!

  3. Is the copper coated withe something? Or will it turn green eventually? Or are you going to get up there and polish it once a year? :-)

  4. I love the look of weathered copper. Your place is looking fantastic.

  5. Don't have a dump truck so all the bridges I drive over are safe.

    Bet that driver took a "dump" in his skivvies when he hit that bridge! ;c)

  6. House reno looks great. Do I see a bit of Austrian style architecture or is it just me? On the moisture topic: Moisture in the air is higher in the summer as the air is warmer. Warm air can "store" more moisture. If the house is not lived in during winter you might as well leave the heat off or reduce it substantially. Inside moisture will adapt to the outside moisture very quickly and you will see no condensation at your walls.

    1. Well, we were thinking that the moisture tends to stay "in" the walls. And in most everything else, of course. Then there's no real chance for all the moisture to work its way out during the summer. Hence the smelly business. Maybe in the particular example that I'm thinking of, the gentleman did some other mistake that made the place smell so musty? Not sure. But I think I'd sooner have a cottage that could easily be aired out right away in the spring time.

  7. Rustic it the type we had as kids, hundred years ago or so new Wasaga Beach, was perfect.
    Love the copper on the house looks awesome!


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