Monday, July 14, 2014

No job for a haemophiliac.

Because I would have bled out by now.

Not that I’ve severed any digits,  or anything quite so dramatic,  but just this morning I briefly lost my mind and thought I’d reach after that Olfa cutter that I accidently bumped into and knocked to the floor.  (It’s like a ‘box cutter’.)

Not a good idea.  Hadn’t retracted the blade.  Silly bunt.

That was just a little incision. 

It’s all healed by now.  Because well,  I’m not a haemophiliac.

But of course,  there’s been a couple nasty little splinters that required the steady hand of Travelling Companion after I had attempted my own version of surgery.  Gah!

One in each hand, in the palm of each hand. 

You know,  if my hands were maybe a little rougher, that might help,  but I doubt it.


Anyway,  we’re still at it.  I just noticed how dirty my shirt is in that picture.  Good thing I took it off and left it downstairs.  Handy to have a shower in the basement.



It’s kinda too bad that we can’t leave it all open like that,  but we’d have critters in there in no time.  And they’d be crappin’.

I’m forever finding evidence of previous visitors. 

Why just this morning,  not long after my Olfa episode, I discovered a nice neat little ‘coon turd.

Even if I rallied some sort of campaign,  I truly don’t think I’d ever get rid of all the evidence. 


That particular turd was in the soffit. 

How did that song go?  I've been everywhere?

I’ll distract you with a little Johnny Cash.

It’s in awesome stereo too, by the way.  Listen in the right channel for the “Boom-chicka-boom” picking style of Bob Wootton.  It’s quite infectious.


It was a damned near perfect day,  weather wise.  Turned off the air conditioning in the morning as the humidity never did get up into the uncomfortable zone.  It kept threatening to rain,  which meant it was wonderfully cloudy.  I like cloudy when it comes to being on the sunny side of the house. 

Or being outdoors.  Period.

I notice our neighbours across the way have their air on.  I don’t understand.  It’s almost cool enough for a jacket which,  considering where this is coming from, means it’s plenty cool.


I guess I’ve bored you enough. 


We’ll be singing the same tune tomorrow.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I always enjoy visiting your blog. Take care, and watch for those splinters.

  2. Yep you drop an blade or chef's knife, best get outta the way until it stops moving, they are sharp.
    Your are making progress, soon be done.

  3. Clearly you are never bored:) As they use to say in that cop TV show-be careful out there!

  4. I have a hard time doing any repair work without drawing blood. And I thought I was the only one. :cD

  5. Sure glad you've still got all your typing fingers so you can tell us about all these fun adventures.


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