Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Well, that was July.

Didn’t seem to do too much today.  Breakfast with the Wednesday group (only remotely possible if I have wheels) and then an appointment at the bank for some rolling around or rolling over or whatever.  Necessary evil when there are dribs and drabs of RSPs and such. 

I did explain how they were “hanging on by a thread” when it came to being anything more than a place to hold onto money until bills need to be paid.  I’m still waiting for the Branch Manager to call me back from two years ago.  “I’ll call you no matter what.”  were her famous last words. 

Don’t ever tell me that.

Meanwhile,  the lady I met with (and no, we didn’t do any rolling around) was very pleasant,  but had only been there a few months.  Whether or not she’s still there a year from now?  Well, we don’t know.  And such is the way with our local bank.


Other than that,  pretty boring day.  Had a lovely chat with an old friend in Peterborough,  whom I called to wish a Happy Birthday.  What was supposed to be a quick call did turn into several minutes of catching up.  Even though I claim I’m not very “chatty”. 

You believe me, right? 

OK,  I can listen too,  y’know.


Apparently there’s some sort of veggies on the grill theme out there,  so I’d better stick on my offering.  This was last night’s dinner,  or part of it.




That particular rendition is with Olive oil,  basil, oregano and salt and pepper.  Put it all in a plastic bowl and shake like crazy to get the oil on the veggies.  Make sure the basket is good and hot before dumping it in.


Oh, (and I only naively tried this once) don’t think it’s a good idea to take that basket off the grill after it’s ready.  Just scoop it out as best you can. 


In addition to that,  of course there was the chicken that took me two trips to get.

Worth the effort.


Best not to ruin it after the tribulations of getting the chicken,  but I’ve done this before a few times.  Flour, egg, and bread crumbs,  brown in oil and into the oven at a decent temp. for maybe an hour?   I sort of play it by ear.  The temperature is around 350,  and I check on them after about 40 minutes. 

Travelling Companion meanwhile made some pesto from some fresh basil from the garden to go on some pasta.  Didn’t think to get a picture.  Quite likely too hungry by then.  She might have over done it on the garlic end of things.  You know when you wake up in the morning and you just know?  I think we were a bit stinky this morning.  If you’ve each had garlic, it sort of cancels itself out.

They say it’s healthy.  Well of course, nobody wants to come near you!  How you gonna catch anything?


Not exactly wordless Wednesday.  Maybe next week.  I’d need pictures.  That could be a challenge.


Keep it between the ditches.


Thanks for lookin’.





  1. Your chicken dinner sure does look better than that one of mine. Dealing with banks can really get interesting at times.

  2. Dinner sure looks good! I used to make pesto and sell it at the Farmer's Market. Now I can't pass basil without breathing deep and thinking of that wonderful pesto... olive oil, garlic (never too much), pine nuts, freshly grated parmesan and lots and lots of basil. I'm gonna swoon.... But... as for the other... I'm glad July is done!!!!

  3. Don't even get me started with banks. I used to work in one. Back in the days where they made their money based on the interest rate spread between what they gave you and what they charged you. No's all about service charge this, and service charge that and monthly fees for everything. And as typically complacent Canadians, we put up with it.

  4. That chicken sure looks good. I've never made it like that but I think I'll try. YUM!

  5. Nice to see you workin that Weber Q.
    Dinner looks great, now I would do the chicken on the Q too. But then thats me.
    Can you ever have to much garlic? Did not think so keeps the demons away (other people too)

  6. Thanks for the tip on grilling veggies on the Q - I was wondering how most guys got that metal bowl off without burning hands to the bone!

    Good looking chicken!


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