Friday, July 26, 2013

We’re a fickle lot.

Had the place buttoned up for a week at a time just last week it seems with the air conditioning running,  and last night I was going around closing windows again,  but this time because it’s gotten a little chilly out!   Great sleeping weather though.  I can just about make it through the night. 

Depends on my liquid intake. 

Wait a minute. *thinks*  I’ve wondered how they came up with that name, “Depends”.  I just may be getting closer to an answer.

I won’t get into any details concerning aging and the need for the proximity of porcelain facilities.  You can draw your own conclusions.  Suffice to say,  if I wake up for the first time and it’s getting close to being morning?  I’m pretty happy. 

One of the drawbacks of having our bedroom window open with a nice cool breeze coming in is,  our recycling bin just happens to be on the back step within earshot.  It really sucks when there’s something in there that’s interesting to a young racoon.   Little bugger. 

Could be worse I suppose.  They can no longer GET IN the house.  So that’s a good thing.

No picture of the racoon licking the remains of an Angel Food Cake form.  Sorry.



The drudgery continues with my major woodworking project.  I know I’ve been talking about window installation but really, it’s just another huge woodworking project. 

Rather than writing another 1000 words,  I’ll just stick in a picture.

Oh, and if you hover your mouse/cursor/thingy over the picture,  you”ll get a quick “summing up”.


mentally incompetent.



See them bony knees?  I ain’t smilin’.  The foam pad helps.

It’ll be over soon.


Next time,  I’ll talk about how it doesn’t matter if you’re “ambidexterious”.   Ah ya,  spell check doesn’t like that one.


Lunch is over.  Gotta go.


Have a fine weekend,  and thanks for stopping by.




  1. For the last week, I've been queen of the throne, so I hear you! :(

  2. This post brought a giggle... Bill & I live in a Class C motorhome... our bed is ABOVE the cab... we have to climb a LADDER to get up there... and... GET DOWN... at 2am this ain't easy... even less easy if a person is in a hurry after a rude awakening by Mother Nature. Makes a person think twice about that 2nd (or more) glass of wine before retiring. "Depends" on how agile you think you might be in the middle of the night.

  3. i don't know... i kind of like your knee pads...

  4. The knees may be ugly, but that mustache is certainly worth boasting about... :c)

  5. You do have your work cut out for you , have too much fun there.

  6. Your window project will be one that I'm sure you'll be happy to put behind you. It looks great though.

  7. Mats like that are a godsend! Use them all the time.

  8. Weather is an amazing thing, from A/C to being chilly, thats Canada for you. You might want to think about moving your recycle bin. So is this the weekend that your "crew" comes in to help with the project?


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