Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Can’t stop sweating.

Holy cheese and crackers! 

I mean, I’m OK right this minute,  and it’s not like I was even cutting the grass or anything, but I’m sure I could have filled a couple cups full this morning.

At first I naively thought, “Oh, this isn’t too bad.  There’s a breeze.”   Well,  you can almost chew the air it’s so humid,  so a breeze didn’t seem to help.


But,  I got a window trimmed out, dammit!




I have to fill in with a bit of coloured caulk here and there,  but that’s essentially it.   I prefer not to open a tube of caulking until I can at least mostly use it up. 

There’s nothing straight forward about this either.  The trim profile that I had been using up until now doesn’t quite work, so that was rather unfortunate but hey,  it’s wood.  It can be trimmed. 

One of our projects for next year will to have the facia boards, soffits and eaves troughs replaced,  which will nicely cover up the somewhat sad looking wood above the window there.  I painted all the soffits and facia boards not long after we moved in a couple decades ago,  and having done it,  I have no desire to ever do it again.  So that will be a job for a siding company of some sort.

It was the countless trips up and down the ladder that brought on the sweat.  Just thankful I’m not working in a school right about now,  truth be told.

I recall coming home for lunch on days like this,  and just dreading having to go back.  We had air conditioning running,  even though it was from installing window units.  I’m thankful too that that is no longer the case.


I keep eyeing the bathroom window,  but I’m glad I didn’t tackle that today.  Cracking open the house on a day like this isn’t pleasant.  I’ll get to it.


Well,  my brain is kind of mushy,  so I think that’s it for today.  And yes,  I still have to cut the grass at some point.  At least I don’t have to wear glasses to do it. 

Yay.  I can hardly wait.


Keep an eye on the skies.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Love the wood work; I can't hammer a nail straight most days!

  2. Bob we had 104 here yesterday that would be 40 C... We were out with the motorcycles... Sorta hot, beyond sweating...

  3. Was a bit warm here in the Kawarthas, no grass cutting just a nice dip in the pool fixed that.

  4. I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to open a tube of calk unless you can use most of it up. I cleaned up my workshop yesterday and I found way too many partially used tubes of calk - maddening!

    Those windows look good - I still wouldn't tackle a job like that by myself so I'm impressed.

  5. I'm enjoying all your hard work from the comfort of my air conditioned motorhome.

    It's so nice and cool and to think of all the sweat you're incurring from all that window work gives me the chills... :cD


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