Thursday, July 25, 2013

The days go by.

Yesterday came close to being a “wordless Wednesday”,  but what I had to offer was so pitiful,  that I gave it a pass. 

I trimmed out one more window.

Big whoop.  I didn’t even count the number of times I was up and down that ladder.  Gah.






Those two pictures were all I had to offer, so that’s why I decided to skip the whole thing.


The weather in these parts is just about perfect,  so I have no excuse not to press on.  

I took a little break during our recent heat wave,  even though I had installed a window air conditioner in the shop.  Somehow it doesn’t seem to cut it,  even though it did remove the humidity and cool down the place.  I just felt cooped up is all.  You just can’t beat a nice cool breeze.



Both of these “operators” now have a couple coats of finish on them,  and some time this afternoon I’ll tackle the frame over there on the left.  It involves a certain amount of time on hands and knees,  first to lightly sand the finish I have on there,  and then of course to slap on some more.    And then it needs to get installed.


The *trouble* with putting out the word to the “crew”  (they don’t know they’re a crew yet) is that I need to be ready.   It’s probably going to happen on a Saturday afternoon,  and I’ll put out the word to anyone who can lift any more than 50 pounds.  Most likely through the Book of Face. The more the merrier.  Taking out the old window is something I can do in the forenoon on my own.  We have the technology…. (Called a reciprocating saw)


And then?  Oh, there’s more.  There’s painting.  That chandelier.  Just yesterday I realised that the back step is in need of some “remediation”.  Something has shifted,  and it needs to be torn apart.  Or something.  More hands and knees work I’m afraid.

One end of it sits on concrete,  which would be all fine and dandy,  except we have this thing called FROST in these parts, and that corner has worked its way off its moorings.



Such “First World” problems. 

I could be living in a cardboard box somewhere.  Of course,  it too would probably need work.  There’s no getting away from it.


Enjoy the rest of your day.  I’m going to give it a good shot.


Thanks for looking in.




  1. I would think the cardboard box would need even more work:) The trick to all of this is to find someone else to do it!

  2. Just think, you'll get all this work done and then TC will decide she wants a newer house... :cO

  3. Wouldn't you get more of that nice fresh breeze if you just left the windows out??? 'Course that wouldn't work so well in the winter I suppose.

  4. The cardboard box would need much less work to maintain, kinda like our coach.

  5. Your workshop looks depressingly clean compared to mine. Then, I suppose you probably sweep it daily.

    It's sure been interesting following you around while you do all these intricate window jobs. Good stuff!

  6. You are doing a great job -- good luck in finding a crew to help.


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