Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Not dragging so much.

Because yesterday it felt like I was dragging a length of chain around behind me. 

Not weather related. 

Not age related.   Quite possibly something to do with some sort of red liquid that comes in bottles.  The rumour is I had several glasses.  When Travelling Companion suggested she should drive home Sunday night,  I had no problem with that. 

Now that I think on it, I may very well have had my quota of beer and/or wine already on Saturday night,  even though really, that doesn’t mean that it was all that much.  Back in the my “school days”, I do recall being referred to as “One Beer Bob”,  so I think you get the idea.   Any more than a teaspoon and I’m done.

It was a bit of a busy weekend,  as it turns out.  Although taking any “blog pictures” never really entered my head,  except of course for the mandatory steaks on the BBQ rendition.  That was from Saturday night.


The combination of marinade and seasonings really put these guys over the top too.  No vegans or vegetarians.  Sorry.

Travelling Companion’s older brother and his wife were down this way and stayed over on Saturday night.  No sooner had they left Sunday afternoon,  but we were out again to have yet another BBQ with friends.  This was when I got chauffeured home.  I took the camera,  but you don’t get to see my friends in bathing suits.  Certainly not if I want to keep them as friends that is.


Today I thought I’d tackle a little job that I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time now.

The conditions have to be just right,  and this was something I wanted to do last week when Travelling Companion was away,  but when I read the instructions on the side of the container,  I realised the humidity was too high.  Can’t be over 85%.  When has it not been??



This is one of the rare times when I actually wash our driveway.  I see my neighbour across the way washing his on a regular basis,  but I think he might be just ever so slightly loopy.  This isn’t the neighbour with the “Loser Boy” son,  but the one next door.  

Loopy and Loser.  Yay.


See,  we pay for our water in these parts,  so I’m sure as heck not going to waste it on the driveway.  We’re even a long ways off from me watering the grass.  And really?  I don’t water the grass. It’ll go somewhat dormant if it doesn’t rain,  and I’m OK with that.

Anyway,  it’s been a few years since I’ve spread some goop on the driveway,  and today was the day.



It helps to have done this at least once before, just to have the experience. So that meant I was able to come out exactly at the end having used up all the goop.  No point in having it hanging around for next year or whenever.


I do think this helps the asphalt stand up to the sun and other elements.  I had this section paved back in the spring of 2002, then put some goop on in something like 05, (don’t remember, really) and we won’t need to pave any time soon, methinks.

The other thing too is,  I had a friend supervise the whole paving endeavour when we were away in Puerto Rico,  and he not only chose the paving company, (Ruddock) because he worked with them when we both worked for our previous employer, but I had requested that I wanted a good three inches. (Don’t even go there!) None of this measly inch and a half nonsense that the fly by night companies like to stick you with.  It was a bit pricey at nine hundred bucks,  but if I goopify it every few years,  it’s not going anywhere.

In the ten years that we had our class A motor home,  I backed in over this asphalt on a regular basis with no damage.  This was the other reason for going a bit thicker.  The RV *only* weighed 7 or 8 tonnes,  but that’s heavy enough to damage some weak assed sh*t.


Not sure what else I’ll do this afternoon.  I did manage to cut out three pieces of window trim yesterday,  so I’ll likely put a second coat of finish on them and that’ll be about it.

I’m working up my nerve for the big one.  I’ll let you know.


Thanks for stopping in.




  1. For many years we told our friends how lucky we were that we didn't have a lawn to mow... didn't have to seal cracks in driveways... oh... what an easy life we had. The joys of RVing... Well, we lied! Just seeing all the work you do around your house kinda reminds me of how much Bill does where ever we're at.. whether it be volunteering at some wildlife refuge or parked in one of our kids driveways (which usually need sealed)..... But then.. what would you guys do all summer if you didn't mow grass and seal cracks?

  2. I got a kick out of that. Polishing the driveway and watering the lawn. I got a kick out of that. Must be because I never owned a property in the city. Lived mostly in rural surroundings. Lucky me.
    The bottle experience sounds familiar. Must be the "old machinery" that doesn't cope with the stuff as good as it did when I was younger. But I don't miss it either, so no tears shed for bygone times (or bottles). :))

  3. A teaspoon of beer gets you buzzed and you have the nerve to call your neighbor "Loopy"? :cD

  4. I enjoy doing that kinda stuff for other people now, it pays much better than doing it for myself.

  5. You make me glad that we are full timing!

  6. You might like this story of a 'fly by night' outfit that paved one of our neighbors drive. I know there is inflation but you seem to have gotten a good deal!

  7. Here's a link to a story in our local paper about people asphalting their drive. You got a good deal!


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