Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cleaning up.

Not so bad right here on the property, but I’ve seen a few downed trees and tree parts this morning.

Travelling Companion was already home when I got back from the pub yesterday afternoon,  and she managed to avoid the brunt of the storm.  We were just leaving when the skies opened up, so it wasn’t until I got to our front door that I had to make a run for it.  Had an umbrella in the car, ‘cause I ain’t that dumb.

I didn’t do a terribly convincing job of catching the fury on the way home last night.  Never a good idea to either shove the camera out the window,  or not pay attention to what’s in front to get a convincing shot.




Our power stayed on,  which I understand was a bit of a rarity.  There’s still folks without power all over the province.

My “job” this morning,  was to take the pool car out and put fuel in it.  This is my life.

Took a couple tries to find a gas station that had power.  Never occurred to me that maybe electricity would be an issue.  As an additional annoyance,  the station that I wanted to get to has a Tim Horton’s on site,  since I had a hankering for….something.  Maybe an old fashioned plain?  Wasn’t sure.  Didn’t matter.  They had no power either.  *grumble*

I did find a gas station with power, (but no Tim Horton’s) and got a receipt,  so that worked out.

Of course,   the other Tim Horton’s location down the street from us, (where I choose not to go since the service tends to suck)  had too long a line up for me.   Ain’t gonna stand in line for a feakin’ doughnut!  

Meh, so I had toast for breakfast.

By the way,  I chose NOT to include a link to their website,  because it’s STUPID.   I wish web designers would ease up on the fancy crap they put on their sites.  Not everyone has blindingly fast internet and want to see things flashing or flicking or whatever.  So you can Google Tim Horton’s if you chose.  Up to you.   It’s a coffee shop here in Canada.  Kind of a big deal for some folks.




This is one more of the several pool cars that they have at the Company that Cannot be Named.  There was and “Escape”, a “Flex” and now this one is an “Edge”.   Isn’t that the guitar player from U2?   Not sure what they’re smoking when they come up with these names.  I suppose “Tundra” isn’t much better.  Have you ever seen tundra?  It’s not very interesting.

Now,  I’ve genuinely tried to like any of these vehicles that T.C. has had to use from time to time,  including the Ford van that I rented earlier this week.   Not sure what it is exactly,  but none of them have really thrilled me.  I mean,  this “Edge” has a lot of nifty features,  including a back up camera that’s heaps better than the one we had in the motorhome,  but the big tires are noisy.  I didn’t think they were supposed to be?  But it was almost like riding on a corrugated roadway, only just a bit more subtle.   And, depending on your personal taste I suppose,  you may or may not consider them “goofy”.  I tend to find low profile tires on huge rims just a tad goofy.   It probably has to do with the neighbours we have across the road who are forever fooling with old cars that they then turn into “low riders” or what have you.   The one loser boy still lives at home.  He’s well into his forties.  That’s all I’ll say about that.


Actually,  if you can come up with the tune in your head to “Robin Hood”,  there is a little ditty that I made up years ago concerning this loser boy.

I goes like this:

Loser Boy, Loser Boy,

Lives at home with Mom,

Loser Boy, Loser Boy,

He’s pretty much a bum.

It’s really rather sad,

At least he looks like Dad,

Loser Boy,

Loser Boy,

Loser Boy.


Below is the tune I’m referring to,  (in case you needed some help) and yes it’s a blank screen. 

Whoever uploaded it,  only uploaded the music.  You only want the first 6 bars or so…                




Well,  I got that out of my system. 


Have a fine weekend if I don’t check in.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Good, I'd sure hate to see you keep that in your system! :cD

  2. Nice neighbors you have there, I take it you are real close friends?

  3. You are lucky you haven't had a Focus! We rented one & it was just too tiny for full sized people. I hit my head a couple times before learning how to crawl into it.

    I know a guy like 'Loser Boy' - just glad I don't have one like that!


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