Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A brief “vacation”.

Partly from blogging, I realise.   I do tend to get neglectful from time to time.  So shoot me.

My older sister came in from B.C. Saturday night,  so we’ve mostly been hanging out.  Much easier to chat in person than on the phone.  I think I’ve mentioned how I’m not overly chatty on the phone?  Has to be when the mood strikes me,  and that’s rare.

It was a bit of a late night Saturday night, as her connecting flight out of Calgary was cancelled.  Had nothing to do with the water issues out there.  We figured they just cancelled it because the flight wasn’t full.  It’s an airline trick.  They usually give some excuse like,  there’s a problem with the aircraft?   Well yes,  the problem is,  you didn’t fill all the seats.

She was able to get on a later flight,  but didn’t get in to Toronto until some time after 12:30 Sunday morning.  Got in to bed around two.  Takes a while to bounce back from that I find. 

Anyway,  on Monday we thought we’d head off for a little diversion with her son and the kids.


Not sure if you’ve ever heard of this place?   I had never been there,  but her son and significant other had rented a single wide for the week,  and were having great fun with the kids.  I’m not much of a one for what many would consider “RV hell”,  but I do have to admit that they have heaps of things to do for kids and adults alike.  I could probably tolerate it for a day or two,  possibly a week,  but that’s about it.



I used to work with a lady who lived there with her husband,  and they’d commute every day to Burlington.  It took them a good hour and twenty minutes,  but they loved it there. 

Hey,  what ever floats your boat.



The gang were swimming at “The Quarry”.

I’m not going to show pictures of kids etc., and certainly not of any adults in bathing suits.  That’s just the way it is.  You’ll have to use your imagination.


The curious thing was,  there was a gentle breeze coming off Lake Eire,  so it was quite pleasant both temperature and humidity wise.  Then later in the evening,  there was a text or message or something from someone in London,  saying they were getting some serious rain.   Well,  we ended up driving through it when we got to Hamilton,  and I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen rain that hard since one time when we were in Florida,  and had to pull off the road.  This time around though,  I was able to see where I was going,  (better wipers on the Merc?) and chose not to get to the shoulder,  since I had this nagging idea that it would be just as dangerous to sit there (hoping not to get smashed into) as to just keep moving with a very large buffer between me and everyone else. 

Then when we got home,  we heard about just how much rain had come through these parts,  including the mess in Toronto.   It seems it hasn’t rained that much for so long since Hurricane Hazel.  OK then.  We have a new record.


Meanwhile,  I’m inching along with my window project. 

I want to trim out the windows I’ve installed before getting too much farther along,  and I have to admit that my motivation is somewhat lacking.


Maybe it’s the humidity?  That’s my only excuse.

Trimming out those windows of course means,  I first have to manufacture the trim.  You can’t just buy this stuff,  and I have enough cedar stashed in the shed to at least get started. 

Sure glad no one is holding a gun to my head.


I think that’s about it for today,  and possibly for a few days.  We’ll see.



Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I, too, have an older sister... enough said. But, since we're both in our 70's enough water has passed over the bridge (or wherever the heck it goes) that we are okay now. Truth be told, I still have a time placing where the heck you are these days... but... I have a friend in Hamilton, so know it's just above Ohio (how's THAT for geography)... Anyway, sounds like you're just as ..... as usual... so all is well?

  2. Hi! Stumbled upon your site and wanted to drop you a line. Loved this post in particular. You're an awesome writer. I'm working on my own music festival blog that centers around travel and thought your blog would be great to reference for future posts.

    Should also mention I started following you, drop me a link and follow back if you can! Cheers :)

  3. Have been to Sherkston quite a few years ago, busy and expensive sure not our kinda place. But like you said " whatever floats your boat".
    Seems you had some fun anywho!

  4. We're with you on the RV holiday place, definitely not for us but obviously lots of people really enjoy them and if you have young kids it's a great way to keep them entertained.

    Yep, that sure was a lot of rain. Glad you made it back home without any issues.


  5. I'm glad you corrected yourself. Women (and especially sisters) do not like to be referred to as older! ;-)


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