Thursday, August 1, 2013

What I learned at Bulk Barn.

But first,  I should mention a couple things.  In the last week or so, I’ve acquired three new followers.  Thank-you.  Very kind of you to do that clicking thing. It’s a commitment I realise,  and sometimes that’s a bit daunting.   Ooh,  do I want to follow publicly?  What will my attorney think?


There’s Bill, out there in Nebraska, there’s “John Doe”,  (seriously?) who doesn’t seem to have a blog,  and “Rick”.  Unless there’s a blog to link to,  I’m kinda stymied.

Also,  by no longer allowing “Anonymous” comments,  it seem we’ve cleaned up that little issue.  I don’t see any more crap.  The only consideration is,  if you happen to comment and include a link,  it won’t appear right away.  It may take me a little while to notice (in Blogger) that there’s a comment awaiting moderation.  Those seem to be the only comments that get hung up.  Well,  the only ones that aren’t spam,  that is.


OK so, on with the show.

Firstly,  this is what happens when you’re down to two wheels.


The shopping cart holds considerably more than the bike,  unless of course I added a basket on the front.  I do have more bike bags stashed away downstairs,  but I didn’t bother.  This is in preparation for the “cottage weekend”.  I’ve had a bit of practise doing this sort of thing in the Netherlands,  so I kinda knew I could get it all on there somehow.

I didn’t get any strange looks either.  Who knew?


I was only stuck with the two wheels until after lunch time,  when Travelling Companion came home with the Merc and I took her back to her office.  She had made one last excursion to Milton,  but bugged out after a half day there.  In spite of all the confusion with the new computer system, the word is that the Company that Cannot be Named made their sales for the month,  so that’s always a good thing. 

Like I care! 

Actually,  *thinks* I do care.  We own shares in that company.  Get out there and sell,  sell,  sell!



Anyway,  I did do a little renovation type work this afternoon just because you know, I haven’t been sweating nearly enough lately?


I only took off the stool and the trim of the big window in the front.  I want to save those pieces, sand them, refinish them and put them back.  So that meant having to be stupidly careful trying to get them off.  The boys who nailed these things on never expected anyone to try and take them of I’m guessing?  At least not all the while trying not to damage anything.


OK so,  what the heck did I learn at Bulk Barn?  First of all,  I don’t think I’ve ever gone into the Bulk Barn.  Just never occurred to me.  In the way these things normally play out,  I couldn’t find Pecan Pieces to save my life. It was a request from Travelling Companion.

 I seem to recall having this issue in Vienna, trying to find “Pekannuße”? 

It’s a curious thing that the German word for Pecans would pop into my pea brain as I was searching for them.  Some sort of weird retrieval cue.

Anyhoodle,  it’s not so much what I learned in Bulk Barn,  as what I learned about going to Bulk Barn.

I probably shouldn’t.


Oh, and they had pecans.  Pecan pieces, walnuts, cashews, peanuts.  Oh man,  you name it. 

What they also had was a huge,  (HUGE,  I tell you!) selection of candy.  Oh my Gawd!

Let’s just say it’s a good thing the trip home in the car wasn’t that much longer, or I would have eaten the entire bag of gum drops and well,  that would have been not so very good.  What are those things,  just pure sugar?  Buh.

I recovered.  But I probably shouldn’t do that again for a while.  Oh wait, I just found a recipe. 

Yup.  Sugar dissolved in gelatine.  Awesome.

No diabetes on my side of the family.  Yet.


OK, tomorrow I’ll have a salad or something.   I promise.


I’m going to take a brief “blogcation” at the cottage,  but I’ll try and surface next week some time.  I’ve charged up the camera,  so we’re good to go.

See you on the flip side.  Have a fine weekend.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Don't start mentioning the Bulk Barn! I went there with a friend of mine in May. "You got to see that store! It is awesome!" Well, yes. I had a similar experience, way too big a temptation!
    The good thing: it is located 2 1/2 hours driving away, in St. John. :((
    The bad thing: I know now where to find it! :))

  2. I think I'd LOVE the Bulk Barn... except those panniers or whatever would never begin to hold all the stuff I'd try to cram in them. I'd weave all over the road with my load on the way home. But... ummmmummmm... good stuff!

  3. Never heard of the Bulk Barn but it sounds like my kind of place.

    Enjoy your time off at the cottage to relax and enjoy life!!

  4. Bob
    Happy to be a follower of your blog. Will have some Massey and Cockshutt pics on my blog from the local county fair in the next day or two.

  5. Hey have too much fun at the cottage, gonna be a great weekend for it too!

  6. That bike looks like it might have some stability issues:)

  7. We keep forgetting to go there but when we do we load up. Colin loves their fresh ground peanut butter, plain or crunchy made with just peanuts. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Eating all that candy will make you bulk up in a not so good way... :cD

  9. We love the bulk barn. Thanks for the read... I enjoyed it. Just FYI... diabetes is not caused by excess sugar consumption. And there are also different kinds of diabetes. My 4 year old is a type 1 diabetic (caused by an autoimmune attack on his pancreas), so I'm a little sensitive to diabetes jokes. They are hurtful and spread misinformation. And we don't deserve it. Other than that, good read. Change the diabetes comment and I might consider following you.


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