Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Up at Dark-thirty.

Actually,  we were really up at Dark,  and had our coffee in bed until Dark-thirty.   Had to leave by five,  at which point it was no longer quite so dark out.   Surprising how quickly the days are starting to get shorter.  Not sure I like it.

One thing I’ll have to admit,  even though I enjoy the mornings (mostly),  I’ve never been all that keen on getting up in the dark.  Reminds me too much of work.  Usually along with the dark,  it’s cold.  Probably should undergo hypnosis or something to try and get rid of that connection.



Not a whole lot of action on the streets of Vienna in the early hours.  I can dig it. 

Today Travelling Companion was off to Serbia.  Early flight to Belgrade,  picked up and driven to Sremska Mitrovica.    Seems to me boarding time was 5:40.   I was back in Vienna by 5:45 and back home by 6:00.  

One of the few times I noticed absolutely nobody around the State Opera.



Not that it’s such a wonderful photo or anything,  but I’m just putting it in here as a matter of credibility. 

This trip to Serbia for Travelling Companion may be her last.   She took along one of her associates,  and he is going to be signing off on the accounting hokus pokus that they’ll be doing.   It’s not as big a deal as Romania was a couple weeks ago,  so they’re only there for the two days.  They were in Romania for four.  I’ll pick her up again tomorrow afternoon.  

It’s an Austrian Air flight,  on a Fokker 100.  T.C. isn’t really keen on planes that are too small,  so thankfully it isn’t a little Fokker.


That was pretty bad.  I know.  No more Fokker puns.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve driven to that airport.  Really.  I do recall that I made 18 trips to the airport in San Juan from our place in Cabo Rojo,  but we were only there for roughly a year.  It was slightly over a two hour drive.  A person tends to remember those things.   It seems I’m at the airport here roughly twice a month.    The difference of course was,  all those trips in Puerto Rico,  or most of them,  were to pick up visitors.  T.C. was a plant controller back then,  and only had to go back to the mainland in the fall for “Profit Plan”.  I imagine that her then boss (which is the level she’s at now) would have been racking up the air miles.  He had to come down from the mainland. I think he had to head off to South America somewhere from time to time too,  but I don’t really recall.  I almost put in the name of the city where the head office is located there,  but then you might have guessed who the Company that Cannot be Named might be!   Can’t have that!   One fine day if you hang around long enough,  you’ll find out.   Or one of us will keel over. 

Patience Grasshopper.


Of course,  we’ll be heading back to the airport again Monday morning,  as Daughter Number Two will be coming in from Toronto at around 8:30., more or less.   With the overseas flights,  there’s a window there of sometimes almost an hour.  Depends on the jet stream.  That kind of stuff. 

So I guess that’ll make three trips to the airport in July?   No wait,  actually four,  as she’s only here for roughly a week.  Kinda sucks,  but that was all the time she could spare.  Such is life when you’re young and working. 

Nothing much else going on today.  A little groggy.  Might have to take a brief nap a bit later.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. enjoy your that movie..Meet the Fockers!.. :)

  2. I thought your Little Fokker joke was kind of cute :)

  3. Dark thirty is usually everyday when I wake up, and is a wonderful time of the day. Enjoy your nap.

  4. I sure don't want to see a dark thirty ...seen too many of them over my working years...enjoy your daughter...


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