Thursday, July 5, 2012

Good weather for hanging clothes.

See,  there’s a positive spin for you.



I had a temporary clothes line arrangement when we were in the Netherlands too.   As a matter of fact,  one of the very first things I did when we moved into our house in 1992,  (in Canada, hello) was to put up a clothes line.    There was gobs of room,  and I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t one there in the first place.   When one of my younger sisters-in-law saw it,  she said she always wanted a clothes line exactly where I had put ours.  Her father,  my late father-in-law,  (we bought the house from his estate) most likely didn’t see the practical need for one,  and I know there was a time when hanging things in the basement was the only option.   Until it got filled up with junk that is.

I installed a clothes line at the back of the house,  even though I knew there was some sort of by-law prohibiting the use of clothes lines.  My only thought was,  “try me”.   I had visions of interviews with the local paper,  maybe even taking out a full page ad.  Nowadays of course,  putting some by-law enforcement mutt’s face on the internet is a piece of cake,  but this was back in the dark ages.   Would have had to dig out the film camera.

Seems to me they made some changes to that particular silly little by-law in recent years.   Can you imagine telling someone they should use their dryer instead of hanging clothes out to let a little wind and sunshine dry them for you?  Because using that drying so good for the environment.   Just makes your head spin.

Mind you,  you don’t dare park your car facing the wrong way in Burlington,  Ontario or you’ll get a ticket.  Not sure why.  Here in Europe,  you can park your car facing whichever direction your little heart desires.  And that’s mostly because it DOESN’T MATTER.

There are a few things they haven’t quite figured out in “The Colonies”  just yet.  

I feel a rant coming on.  Better stop.

I only wanted to mention that,  although the clothes on the line don’t quite spontaneously combust,  getting them out there does take a certain amount of standing out in the noon day sun.  *phew*   Just a bit toasty.

Seems to me by the time I got to the end of the line,  the stuff from the other end was almost ready to take down.

No dog tales,  cat tales or any other tales for today.  Sorry. 

However,  in keeping with putting a positive spin on things,  I’ll simply offer you the following little tune.

Oh,  and by the way,  you’ll understand right off the bat why we never bothered to have TV here in Austria.   The Germans and the Austrians like to dub everything.  Too confusing for the simple folk otherwise.   This particular version is a prime example of just how silly it is.



If you find yourself whistling this later today,  it’s not my fault.


Keep that wet towel handy.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Sure is perfect weather for drying clothes, not so much you body thou, it just seems to get wetter from the inside out!

  2. I love my clothes line...and tend to have it filled to capacity when the weather permits....way to go Bob....

  3. Nothing better than clothes dried outside; weather, dust and smoke permitting of course.

  4. I grew up with clothes lines. We also used them to beat the rugs.

  5. I want a clothes line!! Not allowed here but that won't stop me....I know where I can hide it.....thanks Bob! Love the smell of clothes on the line.

  6. love the smell of sheets and pillow cases that have been dried on the clothesline! clothesline here..against the strata rules..although I do use coat hangers and hang a few things outside..such a rebel..a fine smelling rebel though!

  7. We checked the neighborhood by-laws when we were house hunting. If they said "No clothes lines," we didn't even bother to look at the homes there. Love sun-dried clothes.


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