Saturday, July 21, 2012

My kind of day.





We interrupt this post to mention the following.  This is number 700.


Now if I get anyone hanging around here as a result of searching “The 700 Club”  (no link provided, sorry)  I’ll be really annoyed.   TV hucksters don’t sit well with me, but we won’t go there.


I’ll admit that,  “My kind of day”, is a bit misleading.   Weather wise yes,  it’s certainly my kind of day.  Kind of overcast,  threatening rain that never comes along.  A bit cool.   Damned near perfect.  I think we got up to 20°C.   


Actually,  “my kind of day”,  would be spent in this place: 


poacher group and sailing 018

Actually,  that’s a pretty old picture.  I’m sure I must have something more recent in the “archives”.  That cabinet does have doors,  and I’ve done a couple other things to the shop. 


Travelling Companion still refers to it as “The Garage”.  *pfft*  The nerve.

I’m not firing up a spare drive and rummaging through photos to find the latest pic.  Just too comfy here on the comfy couch.


There were shelves on that wall for about 20 years,  and then I thought maybe I’d make an actual,  honest to goodness tool cabinet.  Not done yet.  There’s still some blank bits to fill.  There are tools hidden all over the place.

This too shall come to pass.


This is where the kernel of the idea came from,  with a couple minor changes of my own.  With kudos to Fine Woodworking.

tool cabinet

And really,  I probably have as many bits and bobs as this guy.  It’s surprising/scary. 

*ssshh*  Don’t tell.


I had some cherry plywood left over from a little bedroom project from a few years back so,  I mean,  why not use it to build a tool cabinet?  Some sort of “fuzzy woodworker logic”.



Um ya.  I like things “built in”.  There are 12 drawers and a couple hanging closets.  The three drawers at the bottom are in the kick space.   Hated to see it go to waste.

See that Seth Thomas mantle clock in the case there?   That was a wedding present for my grandparents on my father’s side in something like 1895.  If I ever remembered to wind it,  it would still keep time.


Of course,  once we do get moved back to the homeland, the dilemma will no doubt be that,  I’ll be too flippin’ busy to carry on with my little “shop improvement” project(s).   This has been the problem all along,  and the only reason why I started on that little venture during the times when we were only home for a visit.   Visits are too short to start on any kind of big assed home improvement thing,  but fiddling away at this sort of project is something I can get away with.  Out there “hiding” in my shop.  That’s the official version,  by the way.

It’s kind of like the car mechanic who has no time to work on his own car,  and drives something that runs,  but just barely.  


Not too much else happening here in Wienerland.  Travelling Companion is catching up on a couple episodes of a TV series we’ve been watching.   We’re at cross purposes when it comes to that sort of thing,  since we start off watching together,  and then I look over and she’s asleep.  Of course,  one of the neat things about media files is,  a person can just go back and watch it all again.  Hopefully I don’t go in the next room to discover that she’s nodded off again.  That would mean another “do-over”.

For my part,  I could stay up all flippin’ night watching stuff.  It just has the opposite affect on me. 

Watching an entire TV series can be a drawn out affair,  since she never seems to get through an entire episode.  Besides having to do the “do overs”, we’ll never run out of stuff to watch,  that’s for sure.

I probably have a good two terabytes of media files.  The mind boggles.  One terabyte is probably over 100 DVD sized files.  So if it takes a couple hours to watch the average DVD?   Right, I think you get the idea.


Here’s hoping your weekend is all you hoped it would be.


Thanks for stopping in.




  1. I think I would hire you to make a tool cabinet in our garage...if we had one. You do beautiful work!

  2. Nice looking "Garage" for your tools. Used to haver a great workshop when we had a house, but alas we have changed direction and moved on.

  3. I like your workshop, Bob. It looks terrific - and, nice and clean too. That built in cherry dresser and closet is a real beauty. You do fine work!

  4. You certainly re well rounded, cook, blogger, shopper and now craftsman. Wish you were here to work on our new place. Meanwhile it is obvious that TC is tired or that particular TV series is boring.

  5. You're very kind. I muddle along.
    It could be the most interesting program you could imagine, but somehow anything on the Tube will put her to sleep. This has been going on for years. Watching movies with friends....whatever...doesn't matter.


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