Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The week that was.

Pitiful title.  I know.

I need to snap out of it.   The week that was,  wasn’t nearly long enough,  that’s for sure.   Both Travelling Companion and I have been in a bit of a funk since Daughter Number Two left for Canada yesterday morning.


trying not to cry.

I don’t even remember where we left off.  Some sort of foray into eating veggies.  Not really one of the last things I ever wanted to write about.   I’ll dig out that Quinoa recipe and post it one of these days. 

No,  I didn’t forget and I try and not ignore direct questions.

What I do need to say is,  I have total respect for anyone who can travel all day and then blog about it.  You know who you are.

I don’t know where a person finds the time.  It seems like our days were pretty full,  and even if we weren’t going somewhere or doing something,  we were just sitting and yakking.  There was no way I was going to have my nose glued to a computer screen.   Just sayin’.  Ignorant of me to have the blog come to a grinding halt like that I know,  but such is the way of my priorities.  It will happen again.  Trust me.


So we got the call last night that DNT (OK, Daughter Number Two is Kathryn,  but that’s one of the rare times I’ll post her name,  so pay attention)  had arrived safe and sound back at our Canadian digs.  I’m sure her hubby was glad to see her,  although all sorts of arrangements had been made for food, transportation and visits from enough relations over the week,  that he wasn’t exactly wasting away,  shivering and shaking off in one corner of the basement or anything.  There were a few pictures of food that were sent along on Instagram,  just to torment him ever so slightly.   There was some mention that having the dog and cat constantly follow him around did start to get ever so annoying after about the third day.  I guess the only remaining human in the house wasn’t going to be let out of their sight.  Such is life with pets.

I’m still of the opinion that his job could have spared him for one measly week, although maybe it would have been just too tough on the pets, but what do I know?   It’s tough enough to get T.C. away from her job for more than a few days.  When it came to my illustrious career as a Caretaker,  I had no issues whatsoever sashaying out the door at the start of my vacation with nary a care in the world.  If the school fell in on itself while I was away,  then the only hope would be that it would be all tidied up by the time I got back. 


I’m not going to get too carried away with that whole,  “one cactus is starting to look like the next”  sort of thing when it comes to the trip and all the pictures and such. However, I did put some pictures on Facebook that you’re welcome to browse through.   Slightly better than putting gobs of pictures here,  as not everyone has the bandwidth to download gobs of goop.  That’s my excuse anyway.

Click the link and fingers crossed.

The Book of Face.


I may (may…he says)  talk a little more about the trip over the next few days.   Meh,  we’ll see.  Depends on my mood.

Next on the agenda is to browse through some of the media files my son-in-law put on the new external drive that DNT brought over with her.   I thought it best to have something like that delivered to the house in Canada,  since it’s going to end up back in North America one of these fine days,  and I’d just as soon not have to fart around with adapters forever and ever amen.  

Just needed more room for “stuff”.  There’s never quite enough disk space it seems.


That’s about the extent of it for today kids.   Hope all is well wherever you may find yourself.


Keeps those skates sharp.


Thanks for coming by.




  1. you definitely had a busy week....while on the road I find the end of each day exhausting and I'm usually too tired to blog but I often do anyway...and when I'm home I don't because theres nothing interesting to tell..go figure...glad you had a great time with the family...thats what its all about...

  2. I haven't figured out when I blog anymore. Guess it depends on how bored I am. Glad you had a great time with the daughters. Kids usually bring a light into the house with them. But living the fur kids in a kennel can be a really tough one.

  3. Sometimes I feel like a blog, sometimes I don't!

    Love the name Kathryn (with that exact spelling) It is my older daughters middle name.

    Knowing how you are feeling after having spent 12 days back east visiting the daughters and grandkids.

  4. Always hard to say goodbye to the kids, especially when they are going so far away.

  5. glad you had a lovely time with your family!..it is always hard to say good bye!..those airport goodbyes are difficult..sniff sniff!

  6. You don't need to post if you aren't up to it. No hard & fast rule. i only post when we are travelling down to Mexico as a service to others following behind in their RV's and that takes lots of energy after a long day on the road but I like doing it. Glad you had such a great visit, too bad the time passed so quickly.

  7. I don't like it when all good things end. It takes me a while to defunk.


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