Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just in time.

And by that I mean,  we got back here just in time. 

We just had another huge front move through,  and the temperature dropped from 33 down to 20°C in the span of well,  not too danged long. 


It was a darned good thing I left early too,  since I had this idea I’d have issues getting out of the city.  It’s getting so there are construction sites just about everywhere,  and it can be a little vexing.  The location where I took that early morning photo yesterday is a spot where not only do two streets merge,  but now they both have to come together into one lane.   That took a while.  I figured I’d be OK though,  since I had given myself over an hour for what normally takes roughly a half hour.   Took twenty minutes just to get past these guys.


They’ve had it ripped up there for some time,  so at least now they’re pouring concrete.  I’ve not seen any of it cracking either.  They seem to know what they’re doing.

Had to stop and take a picture of this gorgeous merc on the way out of the parking garage. 



Someone was getting in the thing when we were coming home again,  so I certainly hope they weren’t out driving it in the rainstorm.  That would just be wrong.  I’m thinking it’s a 1960 190.   You’re welcome to correct me if I’m wrong.    And before you get all excited,  the 220 had some extra chrome work along the side,  so I don’t think it’s a 220.   Just saying.   Do you care?


Some people do you know.    I really only have a passing interest.


Kind of like this sign that I saw this morning.

I was passing,  and it caught my interest.



You know,  I never was a big fan of Elvis,  but I do remember being somewhat shocked that one August morning back in ‘77 when his death was splashed across the top of the Toronto Sun.   Isn’t that whom they’re talking about?  I don’t think the Habsburgs are coming back any time soon. 

Mind you, I’m pretty much alone in my somewhat less than enthusiastic views when it comes to the “King”.   Travelling Companion is a bit of a fan.  So much so that,  at Christmas time,  if I had heard “Blue blue Christmas” (or whatever the heck it’s called) ONE MORE TIME,  my head was going to explode.   I even went out and bought some different Christmas music.  That’s when you really get to put the “Christ!”  in Christmas.  I’ll not repeat what I may or may not have actually said.   I may have sensitive readers after all. 


If anyone has their guitar handy and wants to play along,  be my guest.


I’ll admit,  it’s NOT THAT BAD.  The guitar licks are half decent and all,  but play it fifteen times and see how you feel.   I dares ya.



Ever watch paint dry?  How about rain fall?

Hard to capture the craziness.  Turn up the volume I suppose.



Have a nice evening.  Ours just got considerably cooler.


Keep it between the ditches.


Thanks for stopping in.




  1. I like Blue, Blue Christmas but not 15 times. I'm not going to try it though :)

  2. that is some nasty rain!..should have turned the volume down..I scared the cat!

  3. I had to look up what Mercedes it was that Pierre Trudeau had. Turns out it was a 1957 300SL. A little different than the one in your pic.


  5. nice car hope he kept it out of the rain....never mind sue's cat the volume scared me lol.....have a super weekend

  6. Enjoy the rain, it gives you a bit of a break from the heat wave. Just love seeing old classic cars on the road being used. Make me remember when....

  7. I'm quite certain that in the second photo, that the gent to the right quite possibly be the "King" in question.
    They say he's still out there living a regular life as a store clerk, coal miner, dog whisperer or maybe, just maybe an Austrian road worker.

  8. "Austrian road worker"? Good Gawd man, we don't have any "Austrian road workers", they're all from Hungary or Slovakia. Cheap labour.
    I always thought the "King" had just returned to his home planet. It's as likely a theory as any.


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