Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The life of the simple minded.

There were a couple other titles that came to mind.  Things like, “Ha,  what did I say?”   Or,  to quote Forest Gump,  “Stupid is as Stupid does”.  

You can come up with your own I’m sure.

I mentioned yesterday about paying the cops overtime for the Saturday night?  I don’t know this for a fact,  but I doubt very much that the little town of Klosterneuburg has eighty of Austria’s finest running around to keep an eye on things. 

Well,  as I was coming back home this morning after dropping Travelling Companion off at work,  I heard something about a €7,000 fine,  and had only caught the tale end of that part of the news,  so I didn’t really put it together,  until I saw this in the “rag” this morning.


There’s the bright boy.


So,  is that One Euro for every person who showed up?  Or did the authorities pick a number out of the air?   Either way,  it works for me.   

In case your German is a bit weak,  the big print in white says,  “wanted to only invite 80”.   

Eighty?  Seriously?

See,  right there I’d have a problem.   And he’s 16.   Should I rhyme off all the things I could NOT do when I was 16?   Even going to a party?   Oh my,  there were such HUGE pre-conditions.  Who’s going?  Who are the parents?  How many are invited?  Which adults will be in the house?   Where is this place?

Oh yes,  I remember all those questions.  A feller learns to do his homework ahead of time in order to answer as many as possible.  And whatever you do,  don’t hesitate with the answers.  It’s a sign of weakness.

Not quite as difficult as seeking the Holy Grail,  but almost.



Makes me laugh every time.


When our two kids were both teenagers,  I’m pretty sure they would have been hard pressed to come up with 80 guests between them,  and if they had,  we would have said, “NO”.   Among other things.

And yes,  I had read about the little dough head up in Germany who had 15,000 show up on her street.   She hid out at her Grandmother’s.   It’s getting so the cops now randomly check out Facebook,  looking for more stupidity.   Good for them. Best to nip it in the bud where possible.   I’m thinking the Austrian BP (Bundespolizei) will be scanning Facebook from now on.  Probably something they should have figured out by now.  But really,  once the word is out,  it’s too late for the scanning phase.  That ship has sailed.


I feel my head about to explode here so I’d better ease up.


Here’s a nice picture of a loaf of banana bread.



Isn’t that special?

I only mention it,  since I was a little taken aback last week when I absolutely messed up in the baking department and had some sort of horrid thing emerge from the oven.  Came as a bit of a surprise,  since what normally emerges is pretty tasty and half decent looking.   I’m not entirely sure,  or at least I’m not willing to admit it,  but there’s an exceedingly good chance that I left out an ingredient.  And I mean like,  a big one.   OK,  I’ll admit it.  Possibly sugar.   I’m not sure just when the amnesia set in,  but there was a bit of a gap there…

What a dope.


See?   We’re all capable of doing stupid things,  it’s just a matter of degree.   The result of my “stupid thing”  ended up in the round file.  No harm and no foul.  Well,  and no banana bread.

It’s being incinerated as we speak.

Well,  maybe.  Who knows really?   The boys with the big truck came and picked it up with the rest of the smelly stuff and carted it off.  Most waste gets incinerated in Vienna as near as I can figure.


I don’t think I’ll be seeing my sorry face in the paper any time soon over a buggered up loaf of banana bread.


I have no delusions of grandeur,  and I try to keep my stupidity (mostly) to myself.


Just think,  the next time you do some silly little thing,  you’ll only need to reflect back on one of these Facebook stories and say to yourself,  “Well,  at least I’m smarter than that guy!”  


I know I sure feel better.


Thanks for moving your eyes back and forth.




  1. I'm thinking I am glad there was no Facebook back 26 years ago. I went away for the weekend leaving my 17 y/o daughter at the house. (my first mistake). When I got back on Sunday I could clearly see she had not been alone on Saturday night. No physical damage - but a Mom can just tell.

    Seems 20+ friends "Just happened to stop by". Yea, I'm buying that one. Bottom line - one of her "friends" got into my jewelry box. Gone were my HS class ring, wedding band from ex-husband and my Grandmothers engagement ring.

    Kinda knew who the thief was. Daughter called his brother who showed up with one of my rings. Now which one did I want back the least??? You got it - the wedding band.

    One year later Daughter was working in a convenience store and the thief's girlfriend came in wearing my Grandmothers engagement ring. Daughter kept cool and called cops. They went to house of girlfriend and got ring back. I tried to press charges - they refused as the value was under $500. and since he was a minor had to be of more value!

    What the heck???? So a kid can steal anything as long as he keeps each theft under $500????

    Never got the HS ring back.

  2. life is like a box of chocolates!..and stoopid is as stoopid does!..glad the banana bread turned out better the second go round!..

  3. I think you got it all going in the right big parties and good banana bread. So what if you blow it once in a while. Who do you know who is perfect?

  4. Oh yeah mistakes can happen. One time I made 8 fresh rhubarb pies for another more expensive restaurant. That was the last time they ordered from me. It seems I omitted the sugar. oh well.....

  5. I just blame everything I screw up on having a senior moment! People always believe me :)


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