Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Some folks got no larnin’

This was an expression that was used by some gentle folks whom I once met just outside of Ludlow, New Brunswick.  It refers to someone who may very well have some “education” but moreover, lack common sense.   It’s not that common it seems.

I’m not talking about this guy,  he was just out there this morning playing his heart out on the corner of Neubaugaße and Mariahilferstraße.


He actually didn’t entirely suck,  although I don’t recall what he was playing.  I know it wasn’t “Lady of Spain”,  but it was a recognisable tune.  Sometimes they’re not.  I rarely give money,  and only if the person can play better than I,  which was the case here,  but I still wasn’t feeling generous.  Not nice,  I know.

It was already getting kind of late,   the beggars and nut jobs were already out and about,  and the heat was building.  I wasn’t hanging around for any musical interlude.

I remember this one time we were in Halifax wandering around,  and there was a “gentleman”  there with a guitar. I was almost going to say, “playing a guitar”,  but that would just be wrong.  He was so BAD,  that I just looked at my brother and said,  “You should have brought your guitar!”   Because this guy was actually collecting money for well,  carrying a guitar around,  and beating at it in the general vicinity of where the strings are...  Kind of painful to listen to as I recall.


Where was I? 

Right,  I wanted to mention this little story.



These are snippets from both yesterday and today’s rag.   Apparently,  some jack-ass in one of the little towns nearby,  thought it might be a fun idea to have a little party at his house,  since his parents were away.   He made the mistake of putting it on Facebook.   When roughly 1400 people said they’d be there,  he got a little panicky.   At some point the parents got involved (maybe about time?)  and thought it prudent to hire a security company and then also contact the cops.   80 policemen were sent to the house on the night of the gathering to try and persuade everyone to go home. Only 700 showed up.  Not sure how they were able to count them,  but I’ll take their word for it.  Sucks when you have to bring in extra cops on a Saturday night and pay them overtime.

I think if I were on the local council,  I’d be looking to the family to recover those costs.  Just sayin’.


Meanwhile,   the jack-ass had long since made it public that the party was called off,  (like that was going to work) and had buggered off to Vienna.  I do realise that calling this young lad by that name is an insult to jack-asses everywhere,  and I do apologise.

The newspaper used the term “Witzbold”,  which is kind of like a “joker”.  I prefer jack-ass myself.


keeping donkeys


So,  the question is,  haven’t we learned about this kind of thing?  I don’t mean the slight lack of parenting skills,  that’s a whole other subject.   I’m talking about that whole “let’s put it on Facebook!”  thing.

I mean,  it’s been in the news.  It’s not clever to advertise any kind of gathering on a social media site like Facebook.

Do a Google search,  you’ll see.     There are some whacky stories out there.  Fill yer boots..


Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.


Thanks for stopping in.




  1. Some people are just plain dumb and they breed. In this day of Facebook, etc. why put anything out there for the world to read. Wondering how many future politicians will have to explain those photos, etc from the younger days.

  2. Pretty dumb to advertise on FB! I'm with you on the street musicians too, I generally just walk right by them. I think they do make a good living even without my money.

  3. Well.... the Friends group here at the Refuge put it on Facebook that they were having a work party (called it a Hands Dirty party) to clear brush on a new trail. Only 3 people showed up... Guess the masses are only interested in what the event is... (I thought saying it was a "hands dirty" event and that tools would be provided was rather suggestive myself ;-)

  4. It is amazing how powerful the social media is. You do need to be careful, never know who will read it.

  5. social media is indeed a powerful tool..most times good and sometimes not so good!..well at least only 700 showed up!

  6. OH, I now have a new career thanks to you!! I'll take my guitar (that is, if it's still here in my Mom's storage unit - heehee) &* go play on the street corners. SURELY, they'll pay me to LEAVE!! Hmmmm...I like it...

  7. In Germany a similar story developed a while ago. The difference: 15000 people announced their coming when a 16-year old girl thought she'd invite her friends to her birthday party. The masses occupied entire train sets and the whole block around the girl's parents' house was cordoned off. 1500 finally showed up and held a ruckus in the street chanting the girls name over and over again. The culprit, however had gone into hiding at her grandparent's place.


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