Tuesday, July 24, 2012

No meat Monday

If there are any Vegans out there, don’t get too excited,  we were just trying something new. 

Daughter Number Two suggested that we try something called Quinoa. Pronounced “kee-nwa”.  I suppose I’ve lived a sheltered life,  since I had never heard of it,  but that’s not surprising.   It’s very high in protein, similar to couscous apparently,  and was pretty tasty.

We included it in a sort of casserole.


The BBQ was tied up doing the grilled veggies anyway,  so there was no way to BBQ chicken.  So we didn’t have any.  There was enough food,  and for me that’s usually the only necessary factor.  Just fill me up.  It’s all I ask.  And don’t make me gnaw on too much lettuce. 


The “casserole”  (not really a casserole)  kind of looks like crap,  but it was really good.


This isn’t about to be any sort of life altering experience.  We’re having breaded chicken tonight.   Just saying.


Yesterday afternoon,  looking for a place to go,  we decided to take Daughter Number Two over to the Prater.   This would be our second time there in as many months.  We took TC’s sister there back in May.   I suppose it’s a “cultural experience”.  A person should go up on the giant Ferris wheel at some point when on a visit to Vienna.


Plus,  there’s that whole The Third Man connection.  I’m sure you recognised Harry Lime up there.


I’m not going to go crazy here with a gazillion pictures of all the rides.  The beauty of this place is,  there’s no charge to get in,  walk around and gawk.  I have no interest in going on rides,  with the exception of the “Riesenrad”   (The big wheel)  and that was the purpose of our visit.



Daughter Number Two even was able to get a small “horsey fix”.  I didn’t notice any lingering odours.   This is always good.




There’s a certain tackiness to the whole place,  which is well represented by this bench. 


This thing had been in the sun for a few hours,  and the report is, he was “kinda hot”.  And I don’t mean sexy.


One of the locals:


He might have been waiting for someone to pet him,  but T.C.  wasn’t too sure if he might have fleas.   Fleas LOVE Travelling Companion.   He continued across the street and was last seen being fussed over by one of the local vendors.


Anytime there’s a visitor from home,  there’s a very good chance that a few little items arrive as well.





Tried one of the mustards already.  Me like.   Haven’t worked my way all the way through the newspaper yet,  but I’ll get there.

Shall I refer to the sailing analogy again?   Feast or famine I tells ya.

Tomorrow we’re off to Slovenia for a couple days,  and will be staying over night in Bled,  and then on to Ljubljana.  You’ll be sick of the pictures when I’m done.  Believe me.

There may be a brief “Blog-cation”,  depending on time constraints.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping in.




  1. They do say that having a veggie meal at least once a week is a good thing. Twice is even better but we have a lot of trouble accomplishing that one.

  2. Don't know about the Quinoa but those grilled veggies looked really good!

  3. wow everyone is going veggie -maybe I could try it once a week...and your 'crap' casserole looked good...enjoy your visit with your daughter....

  4. What's with all the vegan/veggie stuff today? It's all over blogland - makes me want to run out and order a Double Big Mac with a Sausage/Egg McMuffin on the side - almost forgot to order a Chocolate Milkshake to go with it.

    I agree that Casserole looked like something that someone else had already eaten - no offense, Bob!

  5. Holy tough crowd Batman. Even back in my less healthier eating days, I was never a big fan of a "Big Muck", and that sort of says it all.
    As long as the food is tasty, without having to resort to being spicy (like what they have to do in Jamaica) then I'm in.
    No tofu for me.
    I'll put up a picture of a steak in a few days if it helps.
    We cooked a completely vegetarian meal for a dinner guest a few years ago, and realised it was indeed possible to eat well, and not be chewing on a hunk of meat. I still like to chew on meat though, just the same.

  6. food has to be tasty..no matter what it is..and then there is the texture?..and the smell!..enjoy your 'Keenwa'!

  7. You can eat that veggie stuff all you want, cause your toooooo far away for it to bother me.... I'm headed to Wendy's here in a moment.....LOL

  8. Don't think I'll ever tire of the pictures! They give me ideas of places I'd like to visit. As for the food, I guess we're omnivores... well, pretty much... don't eat beef but moose, bison, bear, alligator, crawfish... all tastefully presented, of course.... are often on our plates ;-)

  9. I never heard of that dish either, but I will try anything once, even if it does not have any meat in it:)

  10. Cous cous is a form of pasta, not much protein. Quinoa is a seed, packed with protein. As is hemp seed. Yummy!

  11. Love Quinoa, care to share the recipe for that casserole. Always looking for new veggie recipes.

  12. As long as it taste good I will love it, but I cook for the boss whatever she wants so long as its meat and potatoes, occasionally a bit of rice is acceptable.


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