Friday, July 13, 2012

Slightly miserable.

I’m referring to the weather by the way,  not me.  Although I have had my moments.   Just the other day I was grumbling about having to iron every freakin’ piece of clothing that I want to put on.   Well,  except socks and underwear.   But seriously!  I’m getting sick of it.


This was coming up on 10:00 this morning.  Not a lot of shoppers out there.   Wimps.

Admittedly,  we did go from something like 34°C down to 13°C in about a day and a half,  so it’s a bit of an adjustment.  I realised at one point this morning I needed to close the balcony door,  or the heat might come on.  

That’ll never do.  

I don’t try and mess around with the thermostat anymore.  The heating system itself is awesome.   It’s hydronic,  as is the case with our system back in Canada (a boiler system)  but unfortunately,  the thermostat is a real “piece of work”.  Nothing about changing the settings on that thing is easy,  even after I found an English version of the manual on line and printed out a copy.  Apparently the language barrier wasn’t the problem.   It was designed by monkeys.  And no,  I don’t mean Monkees,  as in “Hey,  hey we’re the Monkees”.   They could have probably done a better job,  not that I was ever a big fan.






Sooo easily distracted.   Terribly sorry.

It’s only 54 seconds,  so at least the distractions I stick in here are short, although whether sweet or not is up for debate. Whether you consider yourself a “Master” or not,  there will be no debating.

Feel free to add a gratuitous “Waka waka”  at your leisure.





It had to happen.



Although I’m not sure which is worse.  Squishing along with bare wet feet in sandals,  or ending up with the bottoms of my jeans getting wet.  The rain has been coming down for most of the day, sometimes with a vengeance.  I can handle having slightly cool tootsies, but the problems start when the wet sandals end up creating sore spots.  I need them feet for getting around,  so there will be no blisters or other irritations.   Best to just face up to it,  and put the socks on.  *grumble*

To paraphrase Chet Atkins, “All (grammatical) mistakes are intentional.”


Speaking of boredom,  we’ve been getting ever so slightly sick of eating lately.  Mind you, Travelling Companion’s appointment with her doc Wednesday afternoon was just fine and dandy,   since after the usual hole punching and blood letting,  she was told her "numbers”  were just fine.   When the doc wondered aloud why things had been so out of whack on the last visit (three months ago)  T.C. simply pointed out that,  we’ve been staying away from restaurants

Of course what that means is,  Muggins here does the cooking.  Swell.  No rest for the wicked.

I’m about as creative as a post,  and eventually I just get sick of trying to come up with stuff.   First it’s the ironing,  now the cooking.  What a complainer.

Thankfully we have the internet.  For all its faults,  there’s information out there galore.  When the internet is “down”,  Bob’s not really happy.  Just sayin’.


So here we have, ‘Cooking for dummies’.


Never hurts to be able to look over someone’s shoulder and see how things are supposed to turn out.  I need all the help I can get.


It doesn’t really look like the picture on the computer screen,  but I didn’t use green pepper.   For the colour end of things,  the green would have been prettier,  but I like the taste of the red and yellow ones more.  I had some pineapple left over from something we had the other night,  along with some perfect pepper pieces. (with pineapple!) 



  (try not to spit on your computer screen)


We scarfed it down in short order.   Either T.C. was being extremely polite,  or she liked it as much as I did.

Maybe it’s some sort of carry over from the time I spent working in restaurants,  but I tend to do “salad prep”,  whereby I wash and cut up the stuff ahead of time,  and then add it to the salad when it gets to the table.  Sometimes we get tired of salad before we get through it all,  so it ends up going on the BBQ or in a dish like this.  This one might be a repeater.


Now,  study these pictures carefully.




I have no opinion.  I only included these images for your entertainment.   Something to do with recycling is my guess.   Saw them Wednesday night on the way back from the doctor’s  office.   I gotta get out more.  There’s probably way more weird shit out there that I’m missing out on. 

I think I’ll live.


I think I’ve run out of words for today.  No more possibly perturbing pithy prognostications on the plethora of pepper preparation proposals….

Ah hell,  I forgot what I was going to say.

Oh right!….with pineapple



Thanks for coming by.   Keep those sticks on the ice.




  1. Peppers and pineapple paired are perfectly pleasant partners :) Sounds very good, actually. Might have to try that.

  2. sorry to see you are wearing sox!..a pedicure is always a summery thing to do?..that is if you can embrace your 'manly side'!

    1. You know, I'd be tempted to get a pedicure, but not here. My wife got a manicure here not long after we first arrived, and she figures they do a much better job of it back home. Who am I to argue?
      So maybe some day...

  3. Perhaps the rain showers from Vienna you have sent this way will clear the smoke from Siberia.

  4. We're actually supposed to get rain tomorrow. It's about time. But we will probably get lightning with it and that's not a good thing. Fires you know. I know what you mean about running out of ideas of what to fix for dinner. Sometimes I just can't do it any longer. So we have a bowl of cereal. Now isn't that exciting.

  5. The rain gods have been particularly capricious this year. Enjoy your cool, rainy days. (Do you watch Red Green's show in Vienna?)

    1. Ah! Somebody finally mentions the "Stick on the ice" thing.
      No, there's certainly no Red Green here in Austria, and I wouldn't know anyway, since we don't have cable. Well, we do but it's only internet and phone. We had seen German language TV a couple times when we've stayed in hotels Germany and then Austria for on different occasions. They dub everything. My wife understands very little German, so there was no point in getting TV. Plus, TV here is just as pitiful as in North America.
      I have however, watched copious amounts of Red Green in the past. And of course, there's always Youtube.

  6. Don't look on these chores negatively, just see yourself as an all around guy:)

  7. wel love Red Green...but alas haven't had much time for TV these past couple of weeks...enjoy your cool rainy days...we're in a heat wave of sorts and praying it lasts...

  8. Thats the problem with cooking everyday trying to come up with something new. The internet is a great source for ideas and I use it all the time. That meal looks awesome!

  9. Yep, meal's looking fine. Yummy in fact!


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