Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tidying up.

That is a word, isn’t it?   We’ll just say it is.

Snow is being predicted for the weekend in these parts,  so the full on sun from today was certainly appreciated.  It’s a pitiful admission really,  but the whole “sunny day” thing has an indelible affect on me, in a positive way of course.

This was taken at the corner of Neubaugaße and Mariahilferstraße this morning at about 9:00.


Not a cloud…

(oh wait,  I just saw the clock,  it was 9:30.  My bad.)


As soon as I walked in the door yesterday morning,  I went right on out to the balcony and took down the rest of the Christmas lights.  Just one of those little solemn activities at the end of the festive season.  They’ll no doubt go in with a few of the other items that we’ll have no use for in Canada,  due to the whacky voltage requirements.  I might consider rewiring a couple of the strings with new transformers,  but I seriously doubt it.  I’m sure Canadian Tire will have an ample supply of Christmas lights if I somehow feel we’ve come up short in that department.  (doubtful)

The stores have been actively removing their Christmas junk  decorations as well:


Here I’d like to add a third example of “tidying up”.

It doesn’t quite fit in with the Christmas theme,  but I need to post these photos somewhere.



I think it had more to do with being parked in a “Handicapped zone”?  It’s not like it was hard to see or anything.  Also note the sign on the side of the truck that says,  “Sorry!”

  As if.

By the way,  this is NOT a lengthy process.  10-15 minutes tops. 

I really haven’t a clue where cars that are removed from where they’re not supposed to be ultimately end up,  nor do I care to find out.   All parking areas are clearly marked,  and if you think you’re going to get away with simply leaving your car there,  think again.   It doesn’t seem to take long for a car to get snagged either.  Zero tolerance?  Not sure, but fun to watch.  One of these fine days I’ll try and shoot a little mini video.  I’ll have to be quicker on the draw however. 

I can never quite understand why folks get upset when they get a parking ticket or get their vehicle hauled away.  Even if the sign isn’t right before your eyes,  or in this case,  directly over your windshield,  you just have to look around for either a ticket machine or something.  Reading the signage is a big part of the whole “driving experience”.  

I’ve only managed to get one parking ticket since coming here,  and it was out in front of the immigration office in November of 09.   Kind of like a little,  “Welcome to Vienna,  here’s your ticket!”.    I didn’t get upset,  I was more mystified.   I just figured I’d missed a sign somewhere.   Since then I’ve been back there several times,  and with a little care,  and by that I mean parking on one of the side streets,  I’ve been able to avoid any repeat transgressions.   Or I’ve been lucky.   I’ll take lucky,  I’m not proud.

I just went into the bank the next day and paid it.  It was €21,  and if that’s our “cost of driving a car”,  then so be it.  There’s blessed little else that we pay for in terms of “car ownership”.   The city very conveniently puts a deposit slip right in with the ticket.


I’ll take pity on you now and stop making you move your eyes back and forth…


Just another day.  We’re grinding them down.


Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. I remember getting a parking ticket once, but I won't go into it. It's a long story. :)


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